Bangladesh Independence Day 2022: Date & Short History

Bangladesh Independence Day 2022: Independence Day is a very important fact for Bangladesh. We were not independent before. First, we were under British and later under Pakistan. Pakistan started attacking and repressing us from the beginning. As a result, the protesting people of Bengal jumped into the war of independence. After 9 months of long fighting, we become free.

On the map of the world, a newly independent country named Bangladesh was placed. Our independence has a long history. In exchange for many sacrifices and deprivation, we got our independence. Today, we are going to present a brief history of Independence Day in front of you. So let’s have a look at the history of our independence.

When Is Bangladesh Independence Day 2022?

The Independence Day of Bangladesh will be celebrated in the upcoming 26th March 2022, on Thursday. There will be a general holiday all over the country. Our great Independence Day will be celebrated through many celebrations. There will be day-long several talk shows and discussions on the liberation war.

 Bangladesh Independence Day History 1971

The liberation war started on 26th March 1971. Standing from the ruins of the carnage that started from midnight on 25th March, people of Bangladesh took the oath of independence for this country. That same night, the police, EPR and army members of former East Bengal started the confrontation war, joined by ordinary people. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman declared independence on the midnight of March 25, 1971, that means the beginning of 26th March, after the genocide of Pakistani forces.

26th March Picture | Independence Day Image 

In the announcement given before the arrest by the Pakistani army at house number 32, Dhanmondi, Bangabandhu requested commanded the countrymen to fight with the last blood point to drive out the enemies. The message from the EPR wireless spread throughout the country rapidly. On the announcement of Bangabandhu that day, the whole nation jumped into the unified armed liberation war movement.


In continuation of this, on April 17, the revolutionary government of independent Bangladesh took the oath in a mango garden of Baidyonathtola in Meherpur subdivision of former Kushtia district. Under the leadership of the government formed announcing Bangabandhu as the President, Syed Nazrul Islam as the temporary President of and Tajuddin Ahmed as the Prime Minister, the Liberation War has received the official framework.

Historic 7th March Speech

On 7th March 1971, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman gave a historic speech at the Race Course ground. He said, ‘… and if a single bullet goes over people, and if my people are killed, then I request you all to build protest from every house. You have to face the enemy with whatever you have, and even if I cannot give orders, stop everything is including the roads and industries totally for them for the rest of the life.

Pointing to the Pakistani soldiers, Bangabandhu said, “… you are my brothers, you go back to the barracks and nobody will tell you anything. But do not try to fire on my brothers’ chest. You cannot stop seventy million people. When we have learned to die, nobody can stop us.

7th March Speech

When the liberation warriors are eagerly waiting to listen to the declaration of independence, Bangabandhu immediately announced with a strong mindset, ‘Be ready with whatever you have. Remember, when we have sacrificed blood, we will do that more, we will not stop until the freedom the people of this country In Sha Allah. He declared, “This time the struggle is for our freedom. This time the struggle is for our independence.”

26th March In Bangladesh

26th March is Independence Day of Bangladesh. This day is nationally celebrated as the Independence Day. The President, the Prime Minister and the Opposition leader will make separate statements on the occasion of the day. Apart from this, various political parties will give various programs on March 26. Everyone will remember the great freedom fighters respectfully.

26th March In Bangladesh

Declaration Of Independence

At first, the independence was announced on 7th March 1971 in the historic Racecourse field. Bangabandhu was arrested on 26th March. Before the arrest, he signed the Declaration of Independence. Then MA Hannan read out the declaration of independence. Later on March 26, Major Zia declared independence from Kalurghat Radio Station.

Declaration Of Independence

 Bangladesh Independence War

The liberation war is the most glorious event of the Bengali nation. Through this war, we have gained an independent country and our own flag. On March 26, 1971, people of all levels in our country including the students, youth, farmers, and workers started armed fighting against the Pakistani army. Our great liberation war lasted for 9 months long. The Pakistani forces were forced to move back by the confrontation fight of the freedom fighters.

Womens marchs with rifles

The temporary government was formed on April 10, 1971, announcing Tajuddin as the Prime Minister. Later, entire Bangladesh was divided into 11 sectors for the benefit of the Liberation War. At the end of the war, India joined Bangladesh and formed a joint force. Later, the Pak army was forced to surrender.

bangladesh commanders 1971
Bangladesh commanders 1971

As a consequence, on December 16, 1971, the final victory was achieved. A name was written on the world map – ‘Independent Sovereign Bangladesh’. In the long battle, we have lost nearly 3 million people. Many women were raped. We have received this independence in exchange for many sacrifices.

When Did Bangladesh Become Independent?

There is often debate about when Bangladesh becomes independent. However, the truth is that through the announcement of independence on March 26, Bangladesh becomes independent from Pakistan. Bangladesh was not under Pakistan since the announcement.  Later the government was formed. After that, our Liberation War continued for 9 months long. On December 16, we got our victory. So there is no scope for debate here. Our true independence day is March 26. On that day we become free.

Photo: Project London 1971

 Final Words

Liberation War in the history of Bangladesh is a significant event. Through this war, we get our debut. Brave people of Bangladesh gained independence from Pakistan, leaving their impression of heroism. So the day of 26th March is not a forgettable day in any way. Everyone should remember this day very respectfully. Through March 26, we got the taste of freedom.

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