Bangladesh Government Holiday Calendar 2022 PDF

Bangladesh Government Holiday Calendar 2022. The holidays bring a lot of peace to our busy lives. We all naturally want to enjoy our holidays. But our economic system is standing on such the ground that it is so tough to get holidays. Especially, for those who work in private companies get holidays rarely. Yet there are some compulsory holidays from the government, which are to be followed by all the public and private companies. Many people do not have enough ideas about Public Holiday Bangladesh. Because of which many do not understand how to enjoy the holiday.

Bangladesh Government Holiday Calendar 2022

For your kind info, see below calendar at a glance for all public holidays. Here is a chart of all common holidays are given below.

Day Date Holidays name Total vacation
Friday 1st January 2022 Happy New Year 01 day
Monday 21 February International mother language day 01 day
Thursday 17 March Birthday of father of the nation 01 day
Saturday 26 March Independence day 01 day
Thursday 14 April Pohela Boishakh 01 day
Friday 29 April Jummatul Bida 01 day
Sunday 1 May  International labor day / May day 01 day
Tuesday 03 May EID UL FITR* 01 day
Sunday 15th May Buddha purnima* 01 day
Sunday 10 July EID UL AZHA* 01 day
Monday 15 August National Mourning Day 01 day
Thursday 18 August Shuvo Jonmastomi 01 day
Wednesday 05 October Durga Puja (Bijoya Doshomi) 01 day
Sunday 09 October EID E Milladunnabi* 01 day
Friday 16 December 2022 Victory Day 01 day
Sunday 25 December 2022 Happy Christmas Day 01 day
Total 16 days

*Marked holidays are dependent on seeing the moon.

Govt Holiday 2022 BD PDF

Holidays 2022


If the government doesn’t make the holiday list, they cannot finish the work of the year. List of the holiday is as important for the government, it is more important for the public. The Bangladesh government usually publishes two-holiday gazettes every year. One is for the educational institute and another is for the official and worker.

Muslim holidays List 2022HIndu Holidays 2022

Here we publish Government holiday list in details. This guide is useful for Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, and other religious people. Everyone should know this holiday list so that you can create every plan at the right time and the right way.

Govt Holiday 2022 BD PDF Download

Govt Government Calendar 2022

BD government calendar 2022

BD government calendar 2022

Bank Holidays Bangladesh 2022

All government and non-government officials of Bangladesh will also be able to enjoy the holidays. They will get two holidays a week as the government job holder. Apart from this, bankers will be able to enjoy all general holidays and executive orders holidays. Likewise, they will also get the benefit of enjoying optional 3 days holidays according to their respective religion. Bank officials will get bank holidays for two special days. The bank’s holiday chart is given below.

day date Holidays name Total vacation
Accordingly Accordingly All Govt. General Holidays 14 days
Accordingly Accordingly All holidays according to the executive order 08 days
Sunday 1 July Bank Holiday 01 day
Monday 31 December Bank Holiday 01 day
Total 24 days

Final Words

We hope that we have been able to provide a list of complete holidays for people of all categories. We have explained all holidays including general holidays, executive order holidays, and optional holidays separately. We have also provided the list of holidays on the chart for you to understand easily. We have given a brief description of each holiday so that you can easily understand the history of all the holidays.

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