Brazil National Holidays Calendar | Public Holidays 2022 in Brazil

Public holidays 2022 in Brazil, is a lively, colorful country which know how to celebrate. New year has arrived, and with it also begins the search for the calendar of extended national holidays that the Brazil New Year holds. The fifth-largest country in the world, Brazil is larger than the contiguous United States and is the world’s fifth most populous country, with more than 200 million people.

Although 2022 does not promise as many possibilities to stretch the free days as in 2018 – there were 9 national holidays and 5 optional points, most of which coincided with Fridays or Mondays – in the year beginning there are five holidays throughout the country. Brazil, including Carnival and Corpus Christi.

Public holidays 2022 in Brazil

Those who live in São Paulo can rejoice a little more, because it is possible to rest on two more occasions: on January 25, the birthday of the São Paulo capital (which in 2022 falls on a Friday); and July 9 (Tuesday), the state holiday of the 1932 Constitutionalist Revolution.

Brazil public Holiday Calendar

View the Brazil National Holiday Calendar of the year and schedule your vacation opportunities.

Brazil National Holidays 2022

January 1 (Tuesday): New Year .

March 5 (Tuesday): Carnival – Monday, March 4, is optional point, as well as Ash Wednesday (optional point until 2 pm).

April 19: Good Friday.

April 21 (Sunday): Easter and Tiradentes.

May 1st (Wednesday): World Labor Day .

September 7 (Saturday) : Independence of Brazil.

October 12 (Saturday): Day of Nossa Senhora de Aparecida

November 2 (Saturday): All Souls’ Day / Dead .

November 15 (Friday): Proclamation of the Republic.

December 25th (Wednesday): Christmas is the 25th.

Facultative point

March 4: Carnival Monday is optional point.

March 6: Ash Wednesday is optional until 2 pm.

June 20 (Thursday): Corpus Christi , although it is a holiday in several Brazilian cities.

October 28 (Monday): Public Servant Day.

November 20 (Wednesday): Black Awareness Day, holiday in at least 1,045 municipalities in Brazil.

Visitors should also be aware that general election days are considered public holidays. There are also regional holidays as well as federal holidays in Brazil.

The Brazilian currency is the Real. As a result of Portuguese colonization, the predominant religion in Brazil is the Roman Apostolic Catholic. Catholicism was the state’s official religion until the Republican Constitution of 1891, which established the secular state.

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Portuguese is the official language, the eighth most spoken language in the world and the third among western countries, behind only English and Spanish. More than 200 million people worldwide communicate in Portuguese, which is the official language of eight countries: Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique, Sao Tome and Principe, Portugal and East Timor.

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