Dhaka to Noakhali Train Time Schedule and Ticket Price 2022

Dhaka to Noakhali Train Time Schedule and Ticket Price 2022. There are a lot of people in the country who do not know about the Dhaka to Noakhali train time. Although the route is of a short distance, the importance of this route is quite a lot. Every day, large numbers of people from greater Comilla and Noakhali regions travel to Dhaka through this route. Many of them miss the train often times due to not knowing the time table.

To eliminate this type of problem, we have come up with the review of the Dhaka to Noakhali Train time. Today we will review in details on the schedule of trains on Dhaka-Noakhali route, ticket fares, off days, and everything. This will clear the concept for everyone about this route. Let us start the detailed review now.

Dhaka to Noakhali Train List

At present, there is only one train travels on the Dhaka to Noakhali route every day. This goes from Dhaka and comes back again to Dhaka from Noakhali. That means the same train has up and down way travel every day. Although there is only one train, there are several variations in its seats. There are almost all types of seats available except for the cabin. The train named ‘Upkul Express’ has made the train journey available for people of the Noakhali region.

The train that travels to Dhaka-Noakhali –Dhaka route is:

  • Upakul Express

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Dhaka to Noakhali Train Route Map

Dhaka to Noakhali train route is mainly similar to Dhaka to Chittagong train route. Noakhali route has been separated from Laksam in Comilla. The rest of the way is similar to the Dhaka to Chittagong route. Starting from Kamalapur Station, the train of Dhaka to Noakhali route travels via Airport, Gazipur, Narsingdi, Bhairab, Brahmanbaria, Akhaura, Comilla and Laksam.

Many people may have got confused with the name of so many places together. So, for your benefit and better understanding, Dhaka to Noakhali train route is shown on Google Map below.

Dhaka to Noakhali Train Route Map

Dhaka to Noakhali Train Stoppages

On the way to Dhaka from Noakhali or Noakhali from Dhaka, the Upkul Express train breaks at several stations. A list of the station names where this train has stoppages is given below.

  • Ashuganj
  • Kasba
  • Brahmanbaria
  • Akhaura
  • Comilla
  • Laksam
  • Natherpetua
  • Sonaimuri
  • Bajra
  • Choumuhani
  • Noakhali

Dhaka to Noakhali Train Times

The train travels to Dhaka to Noakhali and Noakhali to Dhaka route once a day. The train named Upakul Express left from Dhaka in the morning. And it comes back to Dhaka from Noakhali in the afternoon on the down trip. On the way, there are several stations where the train breaks and reach and carry passengers.

For this reason, people of Comilla and Brahmanbaria region can also travel to this train. Detailed train schedules for Dhaka to Noakhali route are given in a table form below.

Dhaka to Noakhali Time Schedule

Time Train Name Off Day
03:20pm Upakul Express Wednesday

Noakhali to Dhaka Time Schedule

Time Train Name Off Day
06:00am Upakul Express Wednesday

Dhaka to Noakhali Train Ticket Price

Although there is only one train on the Dhaka to Noakhali route, it has several types of seats. You can choose any seat according to your need. There are also variations in fares based on the seat classes. We will give the list of train ticket fares of each class seat separately. Take a look at how much the ticket fare is of Upakul Express.

Upakul Express Ticket Price

Class Seat Fare
Shovon 230 TK.
Shovon Chair 275 TK.
First Class Seat 365 TK.
Ac Seat 637 TK.

Some Other Information About Other Train Schedules

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Last Verdict

We have discussed everything about the trains of Dhaka Noakhali route. We hope there will be no hesitation regarding this for anyone. We hope that Dhaka Noakhali Train Time will be very helpful for all. Finally, we wish a safety and fun train journey to everyone.

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