Dhaka To Sylhet Train Schedule with Ticket Price 2024

Dhaka To Sylhet Train Schedule with Ticket Price 2024. Dhaka-Sylhet is one of the main train routes in the country. On this route, many people visit the land every day where Shahajalal and Shah Paran has rested in peace. This route connects Sylhet with Dhaka. People of all classes prefer the train to visit different places because of comfortable and affordable travel.

And the number of trains in our country are very inadequate compared to demand. However, despite the fact, we have come up with the full schedule of the trains of this route for those who want to travel to Sylhet by trains. So let us know the details of Dhaka To Sylhet Train Schedule. Our review will have a discussion on the ticket prices and the purchase system. Here you go about the Dhaka To Sylhet Train Schedule.

Dhaka To Sylhet Train List

At present, there is a total of four trains on Dhaka to Sylhet and Sylhet to Dhaka route. All the trains contain seats of multiple classes. There are Shovon class seats as well as luxurious seats like AC Barth. That is why irrespective of rich or poor, people of all classes people can travel to Dhaka to Sylhet route by trains without any tension. However, one thing is to be noted that on the Sylhet route, there are two trains of the same name from both ends at night. The list of trains that travel on the Sylhet route is given below.

  • Parabat Express
  • Upaban Express
  • Kalny Express
  • Jayantika Express

Dhaka To Sylhet Train Route Map

It can be said that the train route from Dhaka to Sylhet is fairly simple. People of Sylhet can get relief for the fact that they do not have to pass a huge extra way like many routes. The trains on Sylhet routes travel using the Gazipur, Narsingdi, Brahmanbaria, Srimangal and Moulvi Bazar stations.

On the way, however, there are brakes at several stations. After hearing about such a long way, many of you are maybe confused which way these trains actually travel. So, to make you understand easily, we have shown the Dhaka-Sylhet train route on Google Map here.

Dhaka To Sylhet Train Route Map

Bangladesh Railway All Train Schedule, Ticket Booking Price

Train Name The name of the places of stoppages
JayantikaExpress Ashuganj, Ajampur, Mukundpur, Harshpur, Montala, Noapara, Shahjibazar, Shayestaganj, Srimangal, Bhanugach, Kulaura.


Upaban Express Bhairab, Shayestaganj, Srimangal, Shamsher Nagar, Kulaura.


Parabat Express Brahmonbaria, Ajampur, Noapara, Shayestaganj, Srimangal, Kulaura.


Kalni Express Shayestaganj, Srimangal, Kulaura.


Dhaka To Sylhet Train Schedule

The four trains that travel from Dhaka to Sylhet follow the East Zone’s railway schedule. All the trains have one up travel and one down travel a day. We will hereprovide a full schedule of all the 4 trains. You will not have any problem to catch the train after knowing the schedule. So now take a look at Dhaka to Sylhet train schedule.

Dhaka to Sylhet

Time Train Name
06:35am Parabat Express
12:00pm Jayantika
04:00pm Kalni Express
09:50pm Upaban Express

Dhaka Sylhet Train time

Sylhet to Dhaka

Time Train Name
07:00am Kalni Express
08:40am JayantikaExpress
03:00pm Parabat Express
10:00pm Upaban Express

Note: Weekly holiday of Parabat Express is Tuesday and Upaban Express is Wednesday respectively.

Dhaka To Sylhet Train Ticket Price

Although there are four trains for Dhaka to Sylhet route, there are several variations in the seats. Here you will get all types of seats. There are Shovon seats, AC seats, as well as the AC cabins. Ticket price is also different based on the seats. We will here mention the ticket price of the seats in every class of every train separately. So let us have a look at the ticket price of the seat of every category.

Parabat Express Ticket Price

Class Seat Fare
Shovon Chair 320 TK.
First Class Seat 425TK.
Ac Seat 736TK.
Snigdha 610TK.

Kalni Express Ticket Price

Class Seat Fare
Shovon 265TK.
Shovon Chair 320TK.
First Class Chair 425TK.

Jayantika Express Ticket Price

Class Seat Fare
Shovon 265TK.
Shovon Chair 320TK.
First Class Seat 425TK.
Ac Seat 736TK.
First Class Chair 425TK.

Upaban Express Ticket Price

Class Seat Fare
Shovon 265TK.
Shovon Chair 320TK.
First Class Chair 425TK.
First Class Berth 690TK.
AC Berth 1149TK.

Dhaka to Sylhet train cabin ticket price 2024

The demand for the cabin of the train of Dhaka Sylhet route is also very high. So, considering your demand, we are going to mention the cabin price separately so that you can quickly find out the information you need. So now have a look at which train has the cabin and how much is the fare.

Train Name First Class Barth Price AC Barth Price
Upaban Express TK.690 TK. 1149

DhakaTo Sylhet Train Ticket Booking

Due to the shortage of trains compared to the demand of Dhaka to Sylhet route, it is difficult to get the train ticket. But there is nothing to be disappointed with that. Nowadays you can book tickets online sitting at your home. We will show you how to book a train ticket of Dhaka to Sylhet route. Booking tickets online will save you time as well as your hassle will also be decreased. Follow the below procedures for booking your ticket.

  1. First visit to this site:
  2. Log in if you have an account. If not, then sign up and log in.
  3. Click on the ‘purchase ticket’.
  4. Select the station from Dhaka or Sylhet. Then from the drop-down menu, select the date on which you want to travel. Below this, select the station to Dhaka or Sylhet. Then select your preferred train and click on the search train. Then there will be a list of different trains in front of you. Book your seat to which you want to travel by clicking on the seat.
  5. Lastly, you have to confirm the purchase by making the payment. Confirm that no matter you prefer the rocket or card payment. After the payment, you will be given the ticket to your email. Now you are done for the Sylhet train ticket booking.

Final Words

Sylhet is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. It is normal that everyone will prefer to train if they travel there. However, we believe that our Dhaka To Sylhet Train Schedule will work well for all so that no one would have to face any problem due to lack of information.

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