Eid-E-Miladunnabi 2024 Date, Importance and History

Eid-E-Miladunnabi 2024 Date, Importance and History. The birthday of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is extremely significant for Muslim Ummah. On this day the Prophet (peace be upon him) came to the earth. If he was not born, the world would not have been created. He is the greatest person in the world for all time. He showed the path of light to the misguided Arabs of the Age of Ignorance which is Jahiliyyah age.

We have received the best religion that is Islam. He was the symbol of justice. Even today, Muslims are proud of his ideology and run their life. Mohammed (S) always thought of ignorant and hard working people. His birthday is known as Eid-e-Miladunnabi. Let us know the history and the significance of Eid-e-Miladunnabi.


About Eid-E-Miladunnabi

Eid-e-Miladunnabi is the birth and demise date of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The world greatest prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was born in the lap of the Mother Amina on 12th Rabiul Awal of 570, in the desert area of Arabia, as the last prophet of Islam and on the same date he died.

At one time, the whole Arab world was submerged in the darkness of Idolatrism. The people became pathless. They forgot Allah and fell into various kinds of mischiefs. Anarchy and chaos appeared everywhere. On this day, almighty Allah send the greatest Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to this world to show people the path of light and make people follow the right.

Important Information about Eid-E-Miladunnabi

  • Birth date of Prophet Muhammad(S) is 12th Rabiul Awal of 570 AD.
  • His father’s name is Abdullah.
  • Mother’s name is Amina.
  • He was born in the Quraish family.
  • At the age of 40, he obtained Prophet Hood.
  • At the age of 63, he died.
  • Date of death is also 12th Rabiul Awal.

Eid-E-Miladunnabi 2024 Date

Since the Arabic calendar is 10 days less than the Bengali and English calendar, Eid-e-Miladunnabi is not held on the same date every year. Because of which, many get confused regarding the date of Eid-e-Miladunnabi. The date of Eid-e-Miladunnabi in the year 2024 will be on Sun, Sep 15, 2024. There will be a public holiday on that day throughout the country.

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The list of the date and holidays of Eid-e-Miladunnabi is showed in the following table.

English Date Bangle date Arabic date
10st November


26th kartik 12th Rabiul Awal

Importance Of Eid-E-Miladunnabi

The significance of the holy Eid-e-Miladunnabi (peace be upon him) is that the greatest and latest prophet of mankind prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was born on this day of 12th Rabiul Awal, 29th August 570. The purpose of sending him to the people was to make the people get the release of salvation, terrorism, corruption, all other kinds of oppression, torture, and injustice, and follow the path of peace and trust and make people worthy of heaven getting rid of hellfire of the hell after the death. The day is very important for human beings. This is because if he did not born to this world at this day, the history would have been written today in another way. We could not find the way to salvation. We had to disobey Allah and finally had to die being disobedient. He showed the way of salvation to the distracted people.


Eid-E-Miladunnabi History

Almost a thousand and 400 years ago, on this day, in the desert of Arabia, the world greatest prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was born in the lap of the Mother Amina. And again on this day, he left the world. This greatest person was able to remove the darkness of the age of ignorance and spread the great message of Almighty Allah to bring everyone in the light. He spread the message of Islam which is the religion of peace. His arrival and the publicity of the message of peace in Islam stirred around the world.

In the religion of Islam, Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the greatest person of all times, the last prophet in the Prophet Silsila. His Birth and demise date is 12th Rabiul Awal is a holy day for Muslims. The Muslim community observed the day as holy Eid E Miladunnabi (PBUH). The year came again to all of us.

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When the entire Arab world sank into the darkness of Idolatrism, Allah Almighty sent his dearest Habib prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to the world as the grace of the world. At the age of 40, he received the Prophethood. Then he called the people of the world for freedom and peace. He broke the chain of superstition, orthodoxy, injustice, and slavery and brought the message of freedom of human beings. After this, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) had sent this message for 23 years long and left the world at the age of 63.

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Final Words

Here, we have described the history and the significance of Eid E Miladunnabi. Everybody should learn from the biography of the Prophet (s) to develop him or herself for the earthly life and the afterlife. There is wellbeing only in his ideals that will get you released in the next world.

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