Evaly 16 Tk Mobile 2022 evalyAamol Shop Mobile Offer

Recently the online market of Bangladesh is facing a storm named ‘evaly 16 Tk Mobile’. This offer is attracting the mass people more than a magnet can do.

evaly is an e-commerce website who are going to celebrate their first anniversary. Since they have started business in Bangladesh, they are continuously giving exciting offers for the customers. evaly 16 Tk Mobile offer is one of them. Let’s know about this offer in detail.

Who Are Eligible For evaly 16 Tk Mobile?

If you are eager to order a mobile during this offer, you have to check whether you are eligible for this evaly 16 Tk Mobile offer.

It is not yet announced officially who will get mobile in this offer. But it is assumed that they are bringing this offer to the new customers. You have to register with evaly to get this amazing offer. If you are already a member, you can open new accounts using other mobile numbers.

How to Buy 16 Tk Mobile?

Many people don’t know the detailed procedure to buy evaly 16 Tk Mobile. It can be very disappointing for them. For your ease, we are here with the step by step procedures that you can follow. Make sure you follow the steps correctly.

  1. Download evaly app from Google play store and install it.
  2. Open the evaly app and log in with your details.
  3. When the offer is live, go to Shop option and you will see ‘evalyAamol’ shop on top. You will get the 16 Tk Mobile option there. Click ‘Buy now’ to add this into your cart. You will get a check out option in your cart. Click Check out.
  4. You will need to put your detailed delivery address to complete the order.
  5. After you have completed the above steps, pay the amount for this offer.

When Can Purchase?

There is no accurate schedule about this offer going live. It was declared to be live on 7 December at any moment. So, it will be better to keep an eye on the evaly website. You can get the offer at any instance.

How to Pay?

  • Go to your Order section.
  • Choose the payment method suitable for you. You can choose from evaly pay, Bank or bKash payments. But there is no cash on delivery option for this offer.
  • Pay 16 Tk in 48 hours from the moment of order.

Stay tuned and hope you all will get this exciting evaly 16 Tk Mobile offer.

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