Happy Friendship Day Bangla SMS 2022

Friendship Day is celebrated with great excitement in Bangladesh too. That is why we have brought some happy friendship day Bangla SMS for Bangladeshi people. Along with that, we have also brought some of the statuses that can be posted on Facebook too. Hopefully, for that, it will be more fun for Bangladeshi people to celebrate Friendship Day.

Who does not like to surprise a friend by sending all the nice SMS in their own language? So no further talk here, now take a look at some Friendship Day SMS in Bengali at a glance.

Friendship Day Bangla SMS

This time, you can wish your friends directly by sending Bangla SMS, not by English SMS. Check out some of the best Bangla SMS from our collections.

** Noyon jole vasiye duchokh…

Kadcho keno tumi-

Ei dekho tomar pashe…

Dariye achi ami-

Tomar chokher ek fota jol…

Porbe nako niche-

Zoto din ami bondhu…

Achi tomar pashe **

Freiendship Day

** Je manushti tomar bipoder somoy eriye,

Sukher somoy kache thake.

Se tomar prokrito bondhu hote parena.

Borong je manushti tomar bipoder somoy pashe thake,

Sei tomar prokrito bondhu. **


** Hariye jabo ekdin akasher ek kone,

Pabena amay sedin khujbe sob khane,

Hasbo sedin vasbo tomar chokher jole,

Sedin bujhbe bondhu kake bole? **


** Ke go tumi nam ki go tomar,

Tumi ki pagol na pagli,

Poro ki shirt na share,

Mukhe ki makeup na dari,

Hate ki breslet na ghori,

Tumi ki nor na nari,

Tumi ki jinn na pori,

Ami ki tomar bondhu hote pari? **


* Valo bondhu holo sei,

Je apnake apnar mayer motoi…

Jotne agle rakhbe…

Pritar moto shashon korbe…

Boner moto khunsuti,

Vaiyer moto jalabe…

Ar valobasbe…

Apnar premer manusher thekeo beshi. **

friendship day hd image

Friendship Day Facebook Status

Facebook is the biggest social media. So there is a lot of writing on Facebook regarding the Friendship Day. So why would you stay behind? You can copy our text and post it on Facebook now.


* True friend

Can be lost from life,

But not from the mind!!!

True love

Can go away from life,

But not from the heart!!! **


* Where do you go friends –

Without telling me!!!

I am looking forward to you today…

On your way!!!

I know you will be back-

One day suddenly!!!

On that day you will see my friend…

I did not forget you. **


* I will wipe away your tears,

Tell me all your pains thinking about me as your friend.

I will stay with you at all your happy moment,

If you have this belief, put your hand on my hand, please. **

** There are times in people’s lives

When you feel helpless,

Then who stands unselfishly by your side

Is your real friend **

** I keep looking like the cloud,

Smile like the moon,

Shine like a star,

Weep like the rain,

Hey! My friend, I from far,

Just think of you. **


** Friend means…

A storytelling night with the bright moon…

Friend means…

The two hands are full of love…

Friend means…

Telling all the secrets in the mind…

Friend means…

Live with you all my life…

Friend means…

Walking together in the severe winter…

Friend means

Moving forward together keeping hands on the shoulder…

Last Words

We have presented some great Bangla SMS Collections here. They are very much unique as well as meaningful. Hopefully, everyone’s friendship will get stronger on Friendship Day.

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