Happy Shakrain Festival 2024 Date in Bangladesh

Happy Shakrain Festival 2024 Date in Bangladesh. Bengali people are the nation of the festivals. There are lots of festivals celebrated throughout the year. With the continuation of this, the Shakrain festival will come soon. The festival that is celebrated mainly in Poush Shangkranti is the Shakrain festival. The tradition of flying kite competition has given a different dimension to this festival.

On the Shakrain day, old Dhaka got new decorations. A lot of colorful kites cover the full sky. We will now discuss the history and date of Shakrain in 2024 and other issues. Let’s know all the information about this.

Shakrain Festival in Bangladesh

Fourteenth of January (January 14) is the last day of Poush Sangkranti. On this day of Poush Sangkranti, the traditional Shakrain festival of Old Dhaka is observed. The festival is also known as the Ghuri Utshab. Flying the kites will be started from the dawn on the rooftop of the residents of Old Dhaka city. Each rooftop will be filled with the senior and junior people. As soon as the day progresses, the festival will be celebrated on fullest.

And many people will be busy in snagging each other’s kites or cutting other kites down in this winter evening of Shakrain festival. A decade ago, people used to have loud sound on mikes on the rooftop. Nowadays, the modern sound system has occupied the place of mike. There will be full amusement of the festival throughout Old Dhaka. Kites will be flying in the sky and sings will be flying in the air. Occasionally when the kite of anyone is cut, there will be Vakattra Loat screams by many towards the defeated kite.

Shakrain Festival

Shakrain Festival 2024 Date in Bangladesh

Happy Shakrain Festival this year will be held on January 15 in Bangladesh. Basically, the last day of the Poush month is January 14. The next day of that is Poush Sangkranti. The festival is celebrated in old Dhaka on that day. It is one of the oldest festivals in Dhaka. But there will be no public holidays on the occasion of this festival. That will not be a problem to celebrate this festival on the fullest. The whole day will be passed in full of fun like flying kites and having fireworks.

Like every year, Poush Sankranti or Happy Shakrain Festival this year will be celebrated by flying kites and having the great fireworks at the end of the month of Poush in Bangladesh. Shakrain is not just a festival of flying kites. Every house of old Dhaka will be busy with making different types of food, Bakarkhani, and pithas. Those who are interested in eating Bakarkhani in Shakrain will go to Gandaria.

On this day, the people of Dayaganj, Murigitola, Kagojitola, Gandaria, Bangla Bazar, Dhupkhola Math, Jagannath University area, Sadarghat, Kotkachari area of old Dhaka used to fly kites whole day, organize food party, play with fire on the evening and also have fireworks. From the evening, Old Dhaka becomes illuminated by different red and blue colored lights of fireworks.

Take a Look at the Related Information of Shakrain Festival 2024

  • Poush Sangkranti – January 14.
  • Shakrain Festival – January 15.
  • Main festival place – Old Dhaka.
  • Festival subject-matter – Kite flying.
  • The festival will continue throughout the day.
  • There will be no public holidays on the occasion of the festival.
  • In the festival, there will be the exchange of different food and pithas among the residents of old Dhaka city.
  • It is one of the oldest traditional festivals in old Dhaka.

Final Words

Hopefully, you have got enough information about the Happy Shakrain Festival. We have presented here all the information related to the date, history, and environment of Dhaka on the festival day. You can also celebrate this day without any hesitation. Buy colored kites for your kids. Flying of kites is a very old tradition of Bangladesh. Keep this culture alive.

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