Laxmi Puja 2019 Date & Time, Kojagari Laxmi Puja 2019

Laxmi Puja 2019 Date & Time, Kojagari Laxmi Puja 2019. The ending of every year is very happy time for the Hindu people. There are a lot of festivals one after one at this time. As soon as the Durga Puja is ended, Laxmi Puja knocks at our door with its arrival message. Laxmi Puja starts exactly from where Durga Puja ends. Laxmi Puja is an important festival for people of Sanatana Dharma. They believe that they can achieve lots of punya through this Puja. Laxmi Puja 2019 will be celebrated with great respect. Those who are eagerly waiting for Laxmi Puja 2019 should know more about this.

On the day of Laxmi Puja, Hindu people greet each other and give hospitality. On the occasion of this festival, they make different types of sandesh and naru. They clean their house very well and pray at night after going to Puja Mandap. They bow their heads down to Devi playing drum and tabla. This tradition has been continuing in Bengali culture since ages. Today we will discuss the dates, holidays, religious significance, and history of Laxmi Pujara and so on. Let us now know about Laxmi Puja from the beginning to the end.

Laxmi Puja 2019

Laxmi Puja is one of the main festivals among all festivals for Hindu people. They observe this day with a great significance. Laxmi Puja begins soon after their biggest festival Durga Puja. Because of that, they have been engaged in celebrations for a few days. Every year, on the occasion of Laxmi Puja, we all see some common scenario. Everyone takes part in the celebration and joy themselves. At that time, they provide lots of hospitality to a large number of guests. Old people achieve punya by reciting the Gita. To the Hindu people, it is known as the holy day. Laxmi Puja has a lot of history and heritage. Our today’s discussion is based on those.

Laxmi Puja wallpaper 2019

What Is Laxmi Puja?

Kozagori Laxmi Puja is worshiped in the full moon tithi at the end of the month of Ashwin after the Sharodia Durga festival in Bengal. An eternal prayer is held in every house of Bengali Hindu people. Almost every Hindu person in every house performs the Puja of Devi Laxmi. Laxmi is the Goddess of wealth and assets. Kozagri Laxmi Puja is performed in every house in the hope of getting wealth and assets. Both male and female person participate in this Puja. Many people perform Puja of Laxmi on every Thursday of the whole year. Apart from this, since she is the Devi of grains, people perform Puja of Laxmi on Vadra Sankranti, Paush Sankranti, and Chaitra Sankranti and on the Ashwin Purnima and Deepavali. The notable thing is that at the Bengali Hindu starts to perform worship of Laxmi at the time when the Kharif crops and Rabi crops are in the field. However, the Puja upachar changes based on different months.

Laxmi Puja 2019 Date & Time

This time Laxmi Puja will be held on upcoming 24th October. Puja will be held at night. Those who want to take part in Puja, take preparation for everything beforehand. So your prayer could not be missed in any way. Puja begins from 8 pm in almost all the temples of the country. So try to reach Mandap before 7 pm. For that, you will have the opportunity to stay at the front.

Laxmi Puja Vacation

On the occasion of Lakshmi Puja, there is no government holiday by the general or executive orders. However, people of Hindu religion can take the optional holiday if they want. Optional holiday for 1 day can be enjoyed on 24th October. Note that an employee can enjoy a total of 3 days of optional holidays a year.

Laxmi Puja Calendar 2019

Since Laxmi Puja is for only 1 day so there is no special calendar. However, we will present some good quality calendars here. Hopefully, you will enjoy the calendar very much.

When Is Laxmi Puja In 2019, 2020, And 2021, 2022?

There are many people who want to know beforehand about when the Laxmi Puja of next 5 years will be held. We will not also disappoint you in this regard. We will give the possible dates of Laxmi Puja till 2021. So now take a look at the possible dates.

 When Is The Laxmi Puja In 2019?

This year Laxmi Puja will be held on October 24. At this day, Hindu employees can take the optional holiday if they want.

When Is The Laxmi Puja In 2020?

The possible date of Laxmi Puja in the year 2019 is October 24. Puja will be held at night on that date with the great religious sentiment.

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When Is The Laxmi Puja In 2021?

Laxmi Puja in 2020 will be held on October 24. At this day, Hindu employees can take the optional holiday if they want.

When Is The Laxmi Puja In 2022?

The possible date of Laxmi Puja in the year 2021 is October 24. Puja will be held at night on that date with the great religious sentiment.

Rules Of Performing Puja 2019

You have to perform Puja having all the arrangements. Though it is the sorrow to say but it is true that many people do not know the exact rules of Puja. Before starting the Puja, sprinkle the Ganges water on the head of everyone and on the place of worship. Then start your Puja remembering Narayana in your mind. Put water in a copper container at the place of worship. This water is for the God of the sun. He is the source of all energy. Without him the world is dark. So it is mandatory to give him water. Remember the god of the sun while pouring water into the copper container.

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After that, it is time to set up the Ghot. Make a round of clay like a round dela and make it equal. Putt the Ghot on it. And spread a little paddy in front of the Ghot. Draw the swastika sign with the vermilion. Put mango leaves on the Ghot. The number of leaves should be odd. And leave the drops of oil vermilion on the leaves. Keep Ganges water in Ghot and put mango leaves on it. Decorate the Ghot with a haritaki, flower, dubbo etc. on the leaves.

Last Thought

Laxmi Puja 2019 will be started after a few days. All Hindu people should try to keep religious holiness on the day of Puja. And offer your help to people around you as much as possible on the day of Puja if you are able to do so. The festival teaches everyone equality. So, all Hindu people should forget all the differences in that day and help each other. This will increase the festivity of your festival.

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