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Rafiath Rashid Mithila Video Viral Link fahmi & mithila Photo. Popular TV actress Mithila Viral Video published, it’s rumor. Actress Mithila video and intimate pictures with Iftekhar Ahmed Fahmi, director and producer of Bangladesh has been leaked recently. Some of their intimate pictures and video from Monday evening have been gone viral on social media and created a lot of buzz among people. In those pictures and video, Mithila was found intimately close to Fahmi. It was later assumed that the incident came to public after Fahmi’s Facebook page had been hacked.

Rafiath Rashid Mithila is a popular Bangladeshi actress, model, singer and development worker who few days ago went through divorce with Tahsan who is also a popular Bangladeshi actor, model, and singer. The pictures and video of Mithila and Fahmi went viral through some Facebook groups from Monday. There are also seen a lot of comments from those pages to spread the confusion more and more.

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Mithila Video Viral Link

From that day, a few undress videos by Mithila and Fahmi have been spreading since Tuesday which is assuming to be fake videos. Another worst thing is that those videos from various bad sites are being downloaded and promoted in the name of Fahmi and Mithila video. There have been seen a lot of mixed reactions from many to the issue through social media.

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Meanwhile it is known that, Iftekhar Ahmed Fahmi is going to take legal action to recover his hacked page. Some of his close sources confirmed that Fahmi is soon going to seek help from the police’s cybercrime unit. He also filed a GD on this issue. Attempts are already being taken to verify who are involved in hacking his page. Fahmi and Mithila have expressed their reactions on that issue and criticized about spreading and revealing their personal matters.

Mithila Fahmi video

Another Bangladeshi actress and model Prova has also expressed her thought on her Facebook post and raised questions regarding the mentality of those who are involved in bringing the issue negatively to public. Everyone is now waiting to see how Mithila video issue comes to an end.

mithila picture

Once upon a time, he was rarely seen through acting, but through this, he was rarely seen. However, following the separation with Tahsan, there have been discussions on various issues in recent times and criticism has also been made.

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This time, the intimate picture of Mithila went viral through social media. When the pictures were posted to a Facebook group on Monday, they immediately went viral.

Mithila and Fahmi viral Photo

In those films, Mithila is in an uproar with drama director and actor Iftekhar Ahmed Fahmi. In one image, Fahmi is kissing Mithila and in the other picture, the two are seen in the same bed. When the pictures are viral through social media, many are throwing different comments towards Mithila. Attempts to contact Fahmi and Mithila to talk about the matter were not found.

On the other hand, many people say that just by looking at pictures, they do not mean editing. However, whatever is said about the photo is already going viral on social media Facebook. Some even say that these pictures may be part of a drama or a telefilm, ignoring the edit or the setting. So it is not okay to go viral for such comments or pictures without being sure.

For a long time, Mithila has met Kolkata director Manjit Mukherjee several times before. Showbiz contends that there is a love affair between them. It is also heard that they are going to get married. It is to be noted that Mithila was tied to a marriage with musician Tahsan on August 23, 2012. Ayra Tehrim Khan is the only child of a Tahsan-Mithila couple. After that, the two divorced in the middle of the 20th because they were not married.

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