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Sajek Valley Tour: Sajek Valley Resort, Hotel, Location & Package Full Guide

Sajek valley tour has recently become very popular among travelers countrywide. To rest your soul amid wild hills and clouds, the Sajek valley tour is something that no other tour can beat. But a lot of solo and group travelers find it troublesome to make their way to the Sajek valley tour.

This is why we decided to unleash a Sajek valley tour guide which will cover Sajek valley resort, hotel, location & package. Though fares and package prices vary from time to time, you will get an overall idea of the cost.

Let’s not waste any more time and get into the complete guide.

Sajek Valley Resort

Once you are in Sajek, you will need a resort or cottage to pull out the full enjoyment of the Sajek valley tour. Most of the resorts and cottages in Sajek valley are made to give travelers a phenomenal view of the surroundings.

Among the resorts,

  • Sajek Resort
  • MeghMachang
  • Jumghor Eco Resort
  • TGB Lushai Cottage
  • Meghpunji Resort
  • Sampari Resort

are the most popular. All the resorts and cottages are fairly spacious and suitable to stay with your friends and family.

As this place is being very popular, you might need to book your resort or cottage a month before the Sajek valley tour.

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Sajek Valley Location

Sajek is the biggest union of Bangladesh and it is located under BaghaichariUpazila in Rangamati District. Though it is in the Rangamati district, it is much easier to go to Sajek through Khagrachari District.

The distance between Khagrachari district and Sajek valley is 70km and it takes about 3 hours to reach Sajek from Khagrachari by jeep/Chander Gari, CNG autorickshaw, or motorcycle.

Sajek valley is 1800 feet high from the sea level, so the road to Sajek is full of curves and waves. But once you reach there, all your tiredness of the journey will be vanished seeing the mind-blowing scenario of Sajek valley.

sajek valley pic
Location: Sajek Valley

Sajek Valley Tour

The best way of Sajek valley tour is to travel with a group. As jeep/Chander Gari is the most convenient way to go to Sajek, you need to hire one for the complete stay and returning journey. Such a jeep/Chander Gari can carry 12-14 people on average.

Often groups consisting of a smaller number of people go to Sajek by sharing the jeep among themselves. It can be a good choice if you want to reduce the tour cost. Even if you are a solo traveler, you can join other groups from the Khagrachari district or hire motorcycles or CNG autorickshaws.

Sajek Valley Tour Package 2024

With the Sajek valley tour being popular, many travel agencies have inaugurated the Sajek valley tour package so that you don’t need to worry about the arrangement and can enjoy the marvelous beauty of Sajek valley in a sound mind.

The price of the Sajek valley tour packages varies within a wide range starting from 3500-4000. There are options to enjoy additional facilities like an ac bus, ac cottage, etc. with additional cost. Even some agencies offer customized packages for larger or smaller groups.

So, the best idea will be comparing different tour packages from different agencies and pick the best package that meets your requirements.

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Sajek Valley Hotel

Wherever you go, food always remains a great part of the tour. As of Sajek, you will get a combination of the traditional hill tracts food and traditional Bengali food. As the place is always crowded, it is better to place your order beforehand so that your food is served on time. You can always choose from a wide range of options.

Hotels like

  • Sajek Café
  • Café Montana
  • Chimbal Restaurant
  • Kashbon Restaurant

and many more serve rice, chicken curry, bamboo chicken (which is the specialty of Sajek), duck, bar-b-q chicken, and other items. If not included in the Sajek valley tour package, you can have any meal in about 200 BDT for one person.

Final Words

If you haven’t been to Sajek valley yet when will be the next Sajek Valley tour? Before you step ahead, go through all these details and make a good tour plan if you are not going with any group. Sajek is waiting with its mesmerizing beauty and tranquility to enchant you.

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