Shuvo Janmashtami 2019 Information Krishna Janmashtami Date & Time

Another big festival for the Hindu people of our country is the Shuvo Janmashtami. Hindu people think of this day as very righteous. On the day of Janmashtami, the big festive mood stays in the area of Hindu people. Everyone sends short messages to each other with religious wishes. Their happiness doubles when the evening comes. This is because they consider this time as very sacred to them. Many people may not know the exact information about when and how Shuvo Janmashtami 2019 will be celebrated. Besides, there are some rules of Janmashtami. Many Hindu people also may not know about those.

That is why we have come up with a complete package for the purpose of Janmashtami 2019. It will include the date and history of Janmashtami, rules of celebrating Janmashtami and many more, including birth, observance of the rules of keeping. If you pay attention to this article, you can learn about many practices of people of Sanatana Dharma. And after reading this, people of Hindu religion will know all about Janmashtami. So let us go to the main discussion without any delay.

Shuvo Janmashtami 2019

As like as every previous year, Janmashtami of this year will also be held. Hindu people will observe the day through religious prayer. Shuvo Janmashtami, also known as “Krishna Janmashtami“, is a public holiday. It is a Hindu religious festival which is celebrated on Krishna’s birthday. Hindu people believe that Lord Vishnu was the eighth avatar on this day. We will present much more information about this in a consistent way. Hopefully, you all can learn a lot from today’s discussion.

When Is The Shuvo Janmashtami Holiday In Bangladesh?

There are general holidays throughout the country on the occasion of the Shuvo Janmashtami of the Hindus. Many people try to find out when the Shuvo Janmashtami vacation will arrive. Such a search is very normal. Everyone wants to have a few holidays besides the busy schedule of the workplace in the whole year so that they can give time to their loved ones. This year, there will be Janmashtami holiday on the upcoming September 02. That day, all government, non-governmental, autonomous organizations will celebrate the holiday. However, some foreign companies and businesses centers will be open. A total of 1 day holiday can be taken on the occasion of Shuvo Janmashtami.

How To Celebrate Shuvo Janmashtami 2019?

Shuvo Janmashtami of Lord Sri Krishna, one of the best religious festivals of the Hindu people will be celebrated with great religious festivity, widespread enthusiasm and excitement throughout the country including the capital city. Janmashtami or Krishna Janmashtami will be celebrated as the birthday of Vishnu’s Avatar Krishna. Another name for this is Krishnastami, Gokulastami, Ashtom Rohini, Srikrishna Jayanti etc. According to the Hindu calendar, Janmashtami is celebrated when the Rohini star is dominated in the eighth tithi of Krishna Paksha in the solar month of Vadra. Hindus believe that in this day, seven births of sins are erased in this day through upabash. And so in this day, they worship Lila Purushottam Lord Shrikrishna through upabash. Some other things like day-long Pujarchona, Aradhana, Janmashtami rally and Shovajatra etc. are associated with this. By the initiative of Bangladesh Puja Udjapan Parishad and Mahanagar Sarvajanin Puja celebration committee at the national temple of Dhakeswari, the happy beginning of the program will start with Puja, Aradhana and Gita path in the morning. Special Shovajatra will continue throughout the day.

Thousands of Sanatana Hindu men and women will participate in the rally. At this time, many will express their joy in singing, dancing and playing different musical instruments. On the occasion of Shuvo Janmashtami 2019, a two-day program of discussion and cultural recreation will be held on September 3 at the Dhakeswari National Temple premises. On the occasion of Shuvo Janmashtami, the four days long celebration with shuvo shankho dhoni and lighting up mangal prodip in the morning will start at Sri Sri Lord Jagotbondhu Mahaprakash Moth, Hatkhola Road, Tikatuli. Sri Sri Geetajaggo will be organized in the morning at the Shankar Moth and temple of Sitakunda, Chittagong for the sake of the well being of the country and the nation.

Shuvo Janmashtami Bengali

Janmashtami is basically held in the people of Bengal. This is because most Hindus live in Bangladesh and India. A large part of Indian Hindus is Bengali. Janmashtami was used to celebrate together in both Bengals. Although there are some dissimilarities for the other Puja in Kolkata and Bangladesh, Janmashtami is celebrated on the same day. Hindus of Bangladesh also celebrate this through proper religious dignity. Special programs are taken in the main temples of the country. So it can be said that all the Hindu people of Bangladesh celebrate Janmashtami with a great enthusiasm.

Final Words

You all should try to increase your good deeds on the occasion of Shuvo Janmashtami 2019. Apart from this, you can lend your hand to the poor to reduce their hardships. Though it is a festival of Hindu religion, we expect people of other religions will also let them celebrate this festival without any hesitation. No one expects any unnecessary chaos in this country of peace and harmony. We wish the Hindus brotherhood and bond will strengthen furthermore on the occasion of Janmashtami.

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