Subarna Express Train Schedule Dhaka to Chittagong Direct

Subarna Express Train Schedule Dhaka to Chittagong Direct. Subarna Express is the country’s first nonstop train. The Journey of Subarna Express was started to provide the fastest train service from Dhaka to Chittagong. Since this is a nonstop train so the first choice of passengers on this route is the Subarna Express. Almost everyone has more or less ideas about it as the Subarna Express has been launched a long ago. But many of you do not know about the time schedule, ticket fare, type of seat classes and a lot of Subarna Express.

Today we would like to show you when the Subarna Express leaves the station, how much is the fare of which seat class, etc. So let us know all the details of the Subarna Express train now. You can also have a look at the details of another newly launched nonstop train named Banalata Express here Banalata Express Train Schedule.

Subarna Express Train Route

Subarna Express basically follows the Dhaka to Chittagong train route. And the Dhaka-Chittagong route means a huge turnaround route. Due to not having a straight train line, Subarna Express needs to travel a huge extra path via Brahmbaria. The train starts its journey from Kamalapur railway station and arrives at Chittagong via the airport, Joydevpur, Narsingdi, Bhairab, Akhaura, Comilla, Laksam, and Feni.

Similarly, the train comes back from Chittagong to Dhaka by following the same route. Take a look at the Subarna Express train route at a glance in the below picture.

Dhaka to Chittagong Train Route Map
Dhaka Chittagong bullet train map

Subarna Express Train Schedule

The train named Subarna Express travels to the up route and down route every day. It leaves Chittagong for Dhaka and comes back to Chittagong from Dhaka again. Due to the trip from both ends every day, a lot of people can travel. The schedule of when the Subarna Express lefts Dhaka for Chittagong and Chittagong for Dhaka is given below. This schedule is collected from the official source.

Depart from Dhaka Arrive at Chittagong Off Day
03:00 pm 08:10 pm Monday
Depart from Chittagong Arrive at Dhaka Off Day
07:00 am 12:10 pm Monday

Subarna Express Train time

Subarna Express Ticket Price

There are two types of seats available on the Subarna Express. The ticket fare of each seat class is different. We have mentioned below here in the table about the ticket fare of each class.

Subarna Express Seat Fare

Class Seat Fare
Shovon Chair 380 TK.
Snigdha 725 TK.

*Please note that the food bill is included with the ticket fare.

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 How to Collect Ticket?

You can collect the ticket of Subarna Express in a few ways. You can book the ticket going to the station counter or sitting at home as you wish. But since it is a nonstop train so you need to be ready beforehand. If not, you will not get the seat.

The ways through which you can collect ticket are mentioned below:

  • From the counter directly.
  • From railway online site.
  • Through Mobile SMS

You can have a look at these articles to know more about how to collect ticket through mobile phone or online. Here you go Bangladesh Railway Tickets Online and BD Ticket Booking by Mobile SMS.

Subarna Express run Dhaka to Chittagong Direct

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Final Words

Subarna Express train is a luxury train. There are only two classes of seats on this train as it is the direct train. However, there is no shortage of passengers though. Hopefully, everyone has got the schedule and list of the fares of this train.

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