Mahalaya Puja 2018 Date & Time | Mahalaya Amavasya Date

Mahalaya is especially significant for the people of Hindu religion. The tradition of Durga Puja begins through this Puja. Like in every year, people of Hindu religion will celebrate the Mahalaya Puja with a great festive mood. Because of the arrival of this Puja, they all get the new spirit in life. They clean their houses and belongings on this occasion. A lot of arcades beautify every corner of the streets very much. There are not much more days left to begin Mahalaya 2018. Mahalaya 2018 is knocking at your door but are you all ready for that? Mahalaya is not just a name, but a lot of things are involved with this.

Many of the new generations do not know the history, Amavasya, and the significant of Mahalaya. In today’s episode, we will highlight all aspects of the Mahalaya. Our discussion will include everything like the significance, meaning, history, significance of Amavasya, and what to do in this day. As a bonus, the Mahalaya’s detailed time schedule will be included there. If you know these things, you will not have to face any discomfort to pray on the day of Mahalaya. So let us present all the details of the Mahalaya Puja in front of you. From this, you will be greatly benefited.

Mahalaya Puja 2018

Mahalaya Puja is held every year. This time it will not be the exception. On upcoming October 09, the Mahalaya will be celebrated throughout the country by the good spirit. Durga Puja, the biggest religious festival of Hindu people, begins from this day. Then one by one there held 6 more Puja. As all the days are near to each other, the festive atmosphere continues among the Hindu people around the second part of October. The importance of this is very much as the first Puja. According to the Hindu religious book, people can achieve a lot of good things form God in this Puja. In Mahalaya of 2018, the usual traditional atmosphere will be seen throughout the country. Now we will let you know a lot of important information about Mahalaya Puja.

subho mahalaya

What Is Mahalaya?

Durga festival starts from Mahalaya Tithi. Mahalaya Tithi is the relationship between the beginning of the Devi-Paksha and the end of the Pitri-Paksha.

The fifteen Tithi before Mahalaya are Pratipad, Ditiya, Tritiya, Chaturthi, Panchami, Shashti, Ashtami, Navami, Dasami, Ekadasi, Dvadasi, Trayodasi, Chaturdashi, and Newmoon day or Amavasya.

The Pitri-Paksha has a special significance but that significance is not related to the Durga Puja. Mahlia is a very important Tithi. The contribution of Shraddha for the peace of the souls of the departed ancestors carries special social and religious significance.

On this Paksha, the spirit of those departed ancestors which were not released sent back to the world. This assembly of spirits is called Mahalaya. “The word Mahalaya is derived from the word Mahalay.

According to legend opinion, a few older departed ancestors live in the Pitrilok. Lord Shri Krishna mentioned the name of the Pitrilok in Gita in Dwapar age.

All the souls including the souls of Pitrilok have been paid tribute and Torponadhi.

Meaning Of The Word Mahalaya

What does the word ‘Mahalaya’ mean? Or, why the ending time of Pitri-Paksha or the previous Amavasya of Devi-Paksha is called ‘Mahalaya’? The word ‘Maha’ has two meanings. ‘Maha’ means Puja, and again ‘Maha’ means festival. Again the Mahalay refers to the Maha + alay = Mahalaya. A feminine ‘a’ has with this. The Mahalay is the alay or shelter of Puja or festival. The meaning of the word alay is the shelter. On the other hand, the ‘Mahalaya’ refers to the Pitri-lok where departed ancestors stay. If it is that then the ceremony of the memorial of the departed ancestors or Pitri-lok is Mahalaya. But then why it is feminine gender? That is because at the end of the Pitri-paksha, when we observe the arrival of the brightest Devi-paksha by ending of the dark Amavasya, at that time the great moment carries the message of ‘Mahalaya’ in our lives. In this case, Devi herself is the great shelter, so the name of this Mahalaya.

Why Do People Observe Mahalaya?

The day of Mahalaya is sacred to the Hindu people according to their Shastra. All of them get together and observe Amavasya on this day. There is a brief history of why people observe Amavasya. Mahalya means counting the day of Durga Puja. Mahashoptami comes six days after the Mahalaya. In the era of Treta, Lord Sriramchandra worshiped Goddess beforehand and conquered the Lanka to rescue Sita. In Shanatana Dharma, if you want to do any good work, then you have to do torpon for the whole world including the departed ancestors and you have to offer karjadi-oggoli. Tarpan means make someone happy. Lord Sriram did so on this day before the conquest of Lanka. Millions of people on this earth forever, on the holy beginning of the day of Mahalaya- have been commemorating this mantra-‘Maya Datten Toen tripanta bhubantrayam, Abrakkhsa stosto porjontong trippyanto’ and remembering their departed ancestors and Pitri-purush offering three gondush water anjali.

According to Puran, in the day of Mahalaya, Devi Durga received the responsibility of killing Mahishasur. According to the Brahma bor, no men or goddess could ever kill Mahishasur. As a result, the infinite powerful Mahishasur drived away all the goddesses from the heavens and wanted to be the god of the world. Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva triangles created immense female power in the form of ‘Mahamaya’, and Devi Durga with the ten-armed lion forces of goddesses defeated and killed Mahishasur in the nine days long great battle. Remembering this everyone reminds to Devi with the great respect.

Mahalaya Puja 2018

Mahalaya 2018 Date

This time Mahalaya will be held on October 09. On the day, everyone will maintain purity and enjoy the tithi in the hope of blessings.

Mahalaya Amavasya 2018 Date

There is the Amavasya in the time of Mahalaya. So the date of Amavasya of Mahalaya is also on the same day. That means, on October 09 the Amavasya of Mahalaya will be held.

Mahalaya In Kolkata 2018

Kolkata’s autumn time has changed with the changing character of the City of Kolkata. And autumn means the Sharodio Durga festival. The celebration of Sharod festival starts through the beginning of the Devi-paksha of Mahalaya Puja.

On the one hand, the night-jasmine flower blossomed in the dawn starts falling apart under the tree with the rising sun. On the other hand, people of the Sanatana dharma gathered together to the Ganga Ghat with the traditional tune of Chandipath purposing the Pitriparn.

In the ancient time, Mahalaya in kolkata was started in the early morning in Akashbani, Kolkata with the Chandipath of Virendra Krishna Bhadra. Even today, Akashbani Kolkata Radio Station offers this program of Chandipath recited by Birendra Krishna Bhadra keeping the tradition continues.

However, with the Akashbani Chandipath, Mahalaya drama has been telecasted nowadays in almost all television channels of West Bengal. Some of the television actresses or the heroine of Tollywood acts in the role of goddess Durga in that.

Mahalagya Puja Date

Mahalaya In Bangladesh

In this day, the Ghot will be set up in Bangladesh in this day remembering Devi. By doing this, the largest religious tradition for Hindu people of Bengal ‘Sharodio Durga Puja’ will be going to be starting. Generally, in Durgapuja, the previous year Amavasya Tithi is called Mahalaya Amavasya. This Mahalaya Amavasya is the end of Pitri-paksha and the beginning of Devi-paksha. Before this, the torpon or annajol is donated for the purpose of satisfying for 15 days. Devi-paksha starts from this Mahalaya Puja. Puja is held from Shasthi to Dashami.

According to Hindu Shastra, the Devi Durga is also called Mahalaya. This is because she is the shelter or Alay of the whole world. On the occasion of Shuva Mahalaya Puja, the Dhaka Metropolitan Universal Puja Committee offers several programs. The programs include – setting up the Ghot of Mahalaya and special Puja in the morning at the central Pujamondap in Dakeshwari National temple Melangan and special cultural program of the Mahalaya in the evening. On the occasion, famous musicians will perform songs including Chandipath.

Final Words

We have presented almost all the information about Mahalaya Puja in front of you. Then there is no chance for anyone having anything unknown regarding this. Try this time in Mahalaya to help the people around you as much as possible. And yes, keep the religious purity on this occasion. We hope everyone will get the full freedom for celebrating their religious festival. We wish Mahalaya 2018 be held through peace.

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