16 December Pic, The Victory Day Of Bangladesh In 2024

16 December, The Victory Day Of Bangladesh In 2024. December, 16 means the great Victory Day. We have gained our independence from Pakistan after the 9 months long blood spattered war. A newly independent country was established on the world map. The end of all tortures on innocent people happened through the liberation war. Everyone came out in this day in the joy of independence. 16th December is a very significant day for us. On this day, we remember all the freedom fighters with a great respect to the National Memorial. There will be general holidays throughout the country on the occasion of 16th December. Victory Day is a symbol of glory and honor to us.

BD Victory Day 2024

Victory Day of Bangladesh is 16th December. The victory means freedom and independence. On 16th December 1971, we brought our independence defeating the Pak army. On this day, everyone will remember all the martyrs with respect. President and Prime Minister will give the special message. All types of educational institutions, factories, offices, courts in the country will remain closed. Our independence has not come in exchange for just a few sacrifices. We have achieved our beloved motherland in exchange for a lot of sacrifices, deprivations, blood etc. Many people do not know the exact information of Victory Day. So we would like to present the right information here.

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Victory Day at a Glance:

The war started on 26th March
Total sector 11
Leading government Mujibnagar government
Prime Minister Tajuddin Ahmed
Pakistani military Surrender on 16th December (Victory Day)
Total duration 9 months

Victory Day Of Bangladesh History

The armed fight back of East Pakistan against West Pakistan took place in 1971, through which Bangladesh has emerged as an independent country on the map of the world. On 25th March 1971, when the Pakistani military attacked the people of East Pakistan in the darkness of the night, then the war of liberation started in the form of an independence war. The Pakistani military on that dark night of 25th March brutally killed a lot of ordinary citizens, students, teachers, intellectuals, police and E.P.R. in Dhaka and arrested the Awami League chief and highly popular leader of Bengali people, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman who was leading the majority party of East Pakistan in the general election of 1970.

Victory Day history

In the face of preplanned genocide, the confrontation war started in the whole country. The East Pakistan Regiment, East Pakistan Rifles (EPR), and East Pakistan Police of Pakistan Army, Bengali members of the military, and above all, the independence seeking general public of East Pakistan established the freedom fighting forces within a few months to free the country from the control of the Pakistani military.

Through fighting in the guerrilla system, the freedom fighters used to disrupt the Pakistani army across the country. India was directly involved in the liberation war of Bangladesh in early December. In the face of the combined attack of the freedom fighters and Indian military forces, the Pakistani military forces, which are already in the troubles and weak, have decided to surrender. On 16th December, Pakistani military officials formally surrendered with 93,000 troop members on Race Course ground in Dhaka. By this, the bloody liberation war of nine months ended; and established the independent country ‘Bangladesh’ of Bengali people.

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Important Events Related To the Liberation War Of Bangladesh

  • On 25th March, the Pakistan Army attacked the sleeping crowd in the dark night.
  • On 26th March, the independence was declared.
  • On 10th April, the new strategy of the war started dividing the whole country into 11 different sectors.
  • On 10th April, the Mujibnagar government was formed.
  • In early December, Indian troops were directly engaged in war.
  • On 14th December, a large number of intellectuals were killed in Dhaka.
  • On 16th December, the Pak army surrendered and Bangladesh became independent.

16 December

Bangladesh Victory Day Holiday

There is a general holiday throughout the country on the Victory Day of Bangladesh. On this day, all the offices, courts, factories remain closed. On Victory Day, everyone can enjoy the one-day holiday. To make it easier for you, we have provided the holiday list of the Victory Day in the table below.

Date Holiday name Total Vacation
16th December Victory day 01 Day

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16 December BD

16 December Picture Download

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Final Words

Hopefully, you all have come to know a lot of unknown things about our Victory Day. Here, we have presented the significance, history, vacation list etc. of Victory Day. Everyone should celebrate Victory Day with due respect because this is our day of freedom.

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