Bangladesh Victory Day Pictures, SMS, Quotes, Drawings

Bangladesh Victory Day Pictures, SMS, Quotes, Drawings .The great Victory Day is coming in front of us within a few days. On the occasion of the Victory Day, we usually share the happiness with others by sending SMS, quotes, wallpaper to the loved ones. Today we have come up with all the best quality SMS, quotes, and drawings of the Victory Day greetings. So now take a look at those.

About Victory Day

16th December, Victory Day is celebrated nationally throughout the country as a special day in Bangladesh. Every year on 16th December, the day is celebrated in a special in Bangladesh. After 9 months war, the attacker Pakistani Army with 91,634 members officially surrendered to the joint forces of India and Bangladesh on 16th December 1971 in Suhrawardy Udyan, Dhaka. This resulted in the emergence of a new independent and sovereign country named Bangladesh in the world. On 16th December at the early morning, the day is started with 31 times loud rumbling.

victory day picture

Bangladesh Victory Day SMS

You can share the joy of Victory Day with others by sending our provided SMS to your friends, loved ones etc. We have all the great and impressive SMS collections for that. Now it is your turn to choose your preferred SMS.

  • 1 war 9 months 7 Birshreshtha 1 country meaning of 1971 the great Victory Day greetings and congratulations to everyone ————
  • In exchange for the blood of millions of martyrs, we have acquired the victory. We would sacrifice our blood again if needed to keep the value of victory. We would not let the blood of the martyrs go in vain until we are alive. The great Victory Day wishes to you.
  • Muktir lal sobuj ullase pajorer bondhongulo onno alloy udvasito noymaser lalito kkhover dabanole kkhoy hoye jak moner sob nichuta, mounota, hinota. Sobaike bijoy diboser suvechcha…
  • Bijoyer Sorup dekhai, Akash-Somoddur,

            Megher Pale dheu Er Tale, Bijoyer Sur..

  • Bijoyer Abesh Chorai, Fol-Pakhi-Chad-Tara,

            Kheter fosol haowai Nache, hocche badhonhara…

  • Mohan Bijoy Dibosh ar Soveccha!!

            Lokkho Sohider Rokter Binimoye…

            Peyechi J bijoy Nishan,

            Proyojone abar debo Rokto Dhele..

            Bojay rakhite bijoyer maan,

            Moder dehe thakte rokto bitha jabena sohider daan.

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happy victory day

Bangladesh Victory Day Picture

Victory Day Of Bangladesh Picture Download. Are you looking for bijoy dibosh picture? Victory day of Bangladesh is 16th December. In this article, you will find some Bangladesh victory day pictures. Also, we tried to provide you some facebook cover photo as well as mobile wallpaper download for victory day.

16 december pic

victory day wallpepers

victory day image

Bangladesh Victory day Facebook cover photo

Probably all of us who use social media especially Facebook try to make our own cover photo have a touch of Victory Day sense. Various kinds of photos related to Victory Day get the place of the cover photo. We have collected some creative Victory day Facebook cover. The war was for our very legitimate and basic rights which were trying to be snatched away by Pakistani dictators. So now have a look at all our profile picture collections.

bijoy dibosh fb

bijoy dibosh cover

Victory Day fb cover

Victory Day cover pic

Victory Day of Bangladesh Quotes

Here we have presented some great quotes about Victory Day. Those quotes give a lot of good messages about the Victory Day. Victory Day Pictures available here.

  • 25er Kalo Raat, 26er Provat.

            Rokter Jhorna, laser bonna.

            Pitar hahakar, Mayer kanna.

            Juddher Moydan, Porajito soytan.

  • Juddo sesh, bijoye “BANGLADESH”

            Bijoy Shudhu Ekti Shobdo Noy.

            Bijoy Buker Vitor Shupto Valobashar Topto Udgiron.

            Bijoy Lal-Sobuj er Potakar Proticchobi.

            Shuvo Bijoy Dibos.

  • Bijoy Amake Poth Dekhieche

            Diyeche Bachar asha,

            Ami Bijoy Er Gaan gai,

            Ami sadhinota Ke Chai,

            Ami Bijoyer Potaka Dhore,

            Sarati Poth Pari Dite Chai.

  • Bangladesher Bijoy Elo Sholoy December e, Bijoy Elo Bangla Mayer Ghore. Juddho Kore Anlo Bijoy Shotru Holo Shes, Itihas e Lekha Holo Mukto Bangladesh.
  • Taja rokter binimoye sadhinota anlo jara, tara amader kache mohan bir. Tader birotte amra peyechi ekti sadhin desh. Tader rokter binimoye peyechi mayer vasay kotha bolar odhikar. Bohu ma boner sotitter binimoye peyechi somvromer odhikar. Sholoy December obosan hoyeche sokol obicharer. Shuvo Bijoy dibosh.

Victory Day of Bangladesh Drawings

There are many who look for drawings of Victory Day. We have here come up with some wonderful Victory Day drawings. Our collections are very nice and fascinating. Choose your favorite drawing right now. Victory Day Pictures.

Victory Day Drawings

Victory Day Drawings

Drawings Victory Day

16 December 2024

16 December Drawings

16December Drawing

Bangladesh Victory Day Profile Picture

Probably all of us who use social media especially Facebook try to make our own profile picture have a touch of Victory Day sense. Various kinds of photos related to Victory Day get the place of the profile picture. We have collected some creative pictures for social media profile pictures. All the pictures are able to attract the attention of anyone due to its unique design, excellent theme, and wonderful message. So now have a look at all our profile picture collections.

Bangladesh Logo

Victory Day fb Profile

Victory Day fb Pic

Victory Day Profile Pic

Final Words

Finally, we would like to say that the great Victory Day is very important for us. Celebrate this day with dignity. Show great respect for the martyrs. Share the happiness of the Victory Day by sending SMS, quotes etc. to your loved ones, relatives, friends. If you have any question about Bangladesh Victory Day Pictures, Sms, Quotes, Drawings then comment bellow or message us through our Facebook page.

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