Catchy Women’s Equality Day Slogans | Gender Equality Slogans

Catchy Women’s Equality Day Slogans | Gender Equality Slogans. United States celebrates Women’s Equality Day on August 26th. It was on this day that women were granted the right to vote. Celebrate this day with slogans on equality and Women’s Equality sayings and slogans. Send across the motivational Gender Equality quotes and post these Women’s Equality Day slogans on social media.

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20 Slogans on Women’s Equality Day

  1. Never ever discriminate anyone based on gender because that is the biggest crime towards humans.
  2. Each and every human is equal and must always be treated with equality.
  3. We want justice for gender…. Equal rights for both men and women.
  4. Different genders but equal rights.
  5. Gender discrimination is making the society dead.
  6. Rights for women are rights for humans.
  7. God created men and women and he treats them both equal.
  8. Sun or moon, air or water, all treat women and men equally.
  9. It is we who have created so many differences between men and women.
  10. Women don’t want any special rights, they just want equal rights.

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Gender Equality Slogans 2022

  1. Equality is their birth right.
  2. Women are as strong, as determined and as powerful as men.
  3. Equal rights for both men and women!!!
  4. Stand up to defend your rights.
  5. Treat women equally and see the world change for better.
  6. If women are treated with equality, the world will then progress in real sense.
  7. We want to live without violence and discrimination.
  8. Don’t let gender be the measure of their potential.
  9. Men and women complement each other and therefore they are equal to each other.
  10. When nature doesn’t discriminate between them they why do we.

Inspiring Women’s Equality Day Messages and Quotes

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