EID AL ADHA SMS 2024 For Friends, Family, Lover

No matter how much hardship we go through or not, we surely celebrate the time of EID AL ADHA 2024. On that day, we all together have our prayers in the same row in Eid Gah forgetting all the dissimilarities.  We learn from the holy sacrifice of EID AL ADHA and accept the poor as our loving ones. On that day, we distribute the animal meat among our relatives. But the joy of EID AL ADHA started from the previous day. Everyone wishes to each other with the messages containing all nice greetings. So we have come up with the collection of EID AL ADHA SMS. You would get all the interesting EID AL ADHA SMS from us.


We can assure you that after reading our SMS, your loving ones would be so much happy with a lot of joy. Our collected SMS is very impressive and interesting. We always try to gift you unique things. Enhance the Eid Happiness of your loved ones by wishing with our Eid SMS collection. Let us have a look at what are there in our SMS collection.


Beautiful Eid Mubarak SMS Collection

We are usually the festive nations. We often get the festive activities. One of the main festivals for the Muslims is EID AL ADHA. To enjoy EID AL ADHA more and more, we usually wish to all the friends, lovers, and relatives on the night before the eid day. After the arrival of the mobile phone, this trend has come to our tradition. Even though now is the internet era, the appeal for the SMS has not reduced any more. Besides, if you want, you can use our SMS in Facebook, Twitter, Viber, Emo to make the wish. After a lot of thoughts, we have collected the best SMS. If you want to get the exceptional, creative, elegant Eid SMS, then have a look at our whole collection.


On Eid day I expect your presence

In my little house

I would offer you what I have

With love and applause

………. Eid Mubarak ……..

On Eid day we will have the pudding

Have the meat

Will go for a walk

My friend, come to meet

………. Eid Mubarak ……..

I am thinking one thing to say

But not getting how to start

Nevertheless, I mean to say that my friend

At your home on the Eid day

We will make happiness a great part

………. Eid Mubarak ……..


Friend, you are far away

So remembering you,

This is a nice time, let us be happy

Forget all the sorrows

And the smile is the true

“Eid Mubarak”


Eid er dawat dilam bondhu,,, Asbe amar bari… Onek kotha jome ace,,, bolbo 2may ami… Na asle 2mar sathe bolbo na r kotha,,, Kono din pabe na 2me amar dekha…!

eid ul adha photos

EID AL ADHA SMS 2024 For Family

Some things remain unuttered,

Some feelings remain deep in the mind,

Some memories are silent,

Just this single day makes us to all forget

“Eid Mubarak”


The new morning, the new day

Happy Eid Day

New night, curved moon

Happy colorful Eid tune

………. Eid Mubarak ……..

Today the moon is smiling

So, got the Eid news.

 The whole sky is smiling today,

Everyone smells the Eid day.

Eid greetings to all.

………. Eid Mubarak ……..


Hope these times of joy pass slowly, dear

Hope the happiness of eid comes to you throughout the year.

“Eid Mubarak”


Maaaa ami aj bohu dure,

Babaa tomay khub mone pore.

Salam ditam Eidi nitam,

Notum Jama gae ditam.

Vablei sudhu kanna pay,

Monta dukher sagore haray.

Onek mone porche tomader Ammu Abbu.

………. Eid Mubarak ……..

EID Mubarak SMS Hindi Shayari, Wishes

Kal Eid Ul Adha. Sajbe Tumi Mehadi Diye Rangga Be Tomar Hat. Ai Khusir Somoy Tuku Katuk Tomar Baromas. {EID MUBARAK}

EID AL ADHA 2024 SMS For Lover

Suvecha rashi rashi

Goru na Khasi ?

Tikka na Jal fry ?

Rtv na Channel- i ?

Ralax na busy ? Djuice na Eassy ?

Sari na Shirt?

Wishing from my heart-


Jhemon chilam temoon achi

bondu tumar pashapasi

Vabco hoito vula gechi

keno vabco mecha meche

Jodi tomay vulee jhetam

tahole kii sms koree eid mubarak janatam ?


Eid means laughter

Eid means joy

Eid means all love

Is only for you

………. Eid Mubarak ……..


SMS 15

Halka halka hawa ektu aktu shit,

Ai nea chole elo kurbanir EID

Polau korma biriyani khete kotto shad !

Chole esho tumi, roylo eider dawat.


Amar bari aiso sokhi notun saje seje,

Eider poshak dibo tomay boisho amar pashe,

polau kurmar sathe debo 7Up khete,

Eider din korbo masty duojon mile.

………. Eid Mubarak ……..

Eid er hawa laguk prane..

Mon vore jak notun gane..

Ghum ghum chokh e shopnil chawa

Eid e hok sob kichu pawa..

Elo eid 2mar dare boron kore new tare.

The day we will see the moon of Eid, we will become happy to greet, we will decorate ourselves with a new look, that day is the Eid day, we will enjoy the whole day.

! *) “Eid Mubarak” (*!

Bangla Eid Mubarak SMS, Quotes Super Collection

Eid mane khusi,

Gorur golay roshi,

Shiter sordid kashi,

Abar hujurer mukhe hashi,

Tobuo Eid valobashi,

Tai sobaike Eid Mubarak janiye ebar ami asi.

Fule fule sajiye rekhesi ei mon.

Tumi asle dujone mile anondo korbo sarakhon.

Bondhu tumi asbe bole dorojay thaki dariye.

Eid Mubarak, shuvo hok tomar Eid er din.


Hopefully, you all would be able to surprise your loved ones by the EID AL ADHA SMS that we have collected. This is because our messages touch the heart. These tell about the poor and increase the bonds of love. Here we have provided the top 20 selected SMS. Wish by the one you like best. Lastly, we wish Eid will bring the touch of peace to everybody. Let us enjoy the joy of Eid in every corner. At least on the Eid day, we all should try to spend time together. We wish Happy EID AL ADHA Mubarak for all.

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