Bangladesh Railway Tickets Online – How To Buy Online Train Ticket Bd?

Bangladesh Railway Tickets Online system is a demand of time and was initiated by the authority to make the ticket booking system smooth. But the name of the biggest scrambling of the railway in Bangladesh is getting the tickets. There is a deficit of train tickets for the whole year in our country. People the counter with the hope of getting tickets and finally come back as a failure without getting the ticket. However, online ticket system has somehow given them a little more hope for the situation to be changed.

You can book a railway ticket on the internet sitting your own home. Although only 12% of the total tickets are allocated for the online system. Booking train tickets Online are a bit complex system. Because of that many people cannot book tickets despite the will. So we would like to give you the tutorial on how to easily book Bangladesh Railway Tickets Online. Now take a look easily at everything here of Bangladesh Railway Tickets Online.

Bangladesh Railway Tickets Online

The disgraceful suffering for people has diminished due to the introduction of online railway ticket booking system. Tickets can be booked online now. And the process is quite easy. Although many people find it hard because of not knowing the exact rules. We will show you everything step by step. It will make everything easy to anyone for that.

Because of the online ticket booking facility, you will not have to go to the counter and book a ticket suffering a lot. It will save you valuable time. Although the fee is little higher online than the counter. Yet it is convenient for everyone.

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Bangladesh Railway Esheba Online Ticket

Esheba of the railway is called online Train ticket booking. It has not been too long to add this esheba facility by the railway. Currently, 12% of the total seats on the train are allocated for online. And during the 72 hours of the journey, the tickets are become available, not before that. However, the railway does not sell tickets online from their official website.

They sell through a third party site. To book a ticket online, you need to have an account on that site. With that, you have to have the Rocket, any Visa/MasterCard, Nexus Card, or BRAC Bank Card.

Things that you need to book a ticket online at a glance:

  • An account on the esheba site
  • Rocket/debit card/credit card
  • The required amount of money to book the ticket
  • An active email address

How To Buy Online Train Ticket BD

Now we will show you how to book railway tickets online. Our step by step guideline will make it easier for everyone to understand everything easily. So let us learn how to book railway tickets online.

  1. First, visit the site at-
  2. Click on Sign Up from the menu.
  3. Complete the account providing all required information. Then verify the email and then log in.
  4. After logging in, click on the ‘Purchase ticket’.
  5. Then a table will come. The ‘station from’ option will be at the top. Then select the station name from which you want to start your journey by clicking the drop-down menu in front of it.
  6. Select the journey date next to the option. Select the date you want to travel. Remember, you can select the seat from 72 hours in advance. Otherwise, you have to do an auto selection.
  7. In the next box, there will be your destination station. Select the station where you want to go from the pull-down menu in front of ‘station to’ option.
  8. In the last, select the class as you like. You will not get berth online. Select your preferred seat and click on the search train.
  9. Then the trains available in the schedule will be shown in the search results. Click on your preferred train.
  10. After that, if your journey date is within 72 hours then you can make the seat selection. If it is after 72 hours, then it will be auto-selected. Select the number of seats and then click on the next step. Remember, you can make 4 tickets with one account. If everything is alright, then you will be taken to the payment page.
  11. now in the final step, select rocket or card payment option as you want. Then confirm your payment with the necessary information. Now you are done with your ticket booking. Then you will get the pdf copy of the ticket to your email address that you had used to register. You can also print the ticket if you want.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, after reading our tutorial, you all can book Bangladesh Railway Tickets Online from now on. Take advantage of the digital era for doing everything online. It will save you a lot of time. We always hope that your train journey may become the most enjoyable one.

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