Faraaz Karim Chowdhury Biography : (Wife, Age, Mother & Father)

Many of you are eager to know about Faraaz Karim Chowdhury biography. Faraaz Karim Chowdhury is a juvenile politician and social personality of Raozan Chattagram. He was born on 26th August 1992. He has his own name and fame all over the Chattagram city as well as many places in our country. He is the elder son of the chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Ministry of Railway ABM Fazle Karim Chowdhury. A large number of people in Raozan honor Fazle Karim Chowdhury as well as Farraz Karim Chowdhury.

Awards and Achievements of Faraaz Karim Chowdhury

Faraaz Karim Chowdhury is a very talented person from his childhood. He stood among top positions during his student life. He is best known as a social worker. He loves the people in his area very much. He got a lot of praise and achievements in his life. For example, he became the most philanthropic person at school in 2009. He was the winner of a Quran recitation competition (Surah Fatiha) held in 2004. He is also a life-term donor member at Chittagong Press Club since 2018.

Faraaz Karim Chowdhury pic

Faraaz Karim Chowdhury Political Post

Faraaz Karim Chowdhury is a member of the Raozan Upazilla Awami League Committee. He started to get himself involved in politics from the very beginning of his maturity. He loves his party very much and does a lot for his party. He not only loves his party but also loves the people of his area as well as the people of Bangladesh. He is a very dedicated person for building his political career. However, his father is a good favor for him to be successful in politics.

Faraaz Karim Chowdhury Wife

You are interested to know about Faraaz Karim Chowdhury biography, I means you are also interested to know about faraaz karim chowdhury marriage. If you are eager to know about the name of any other information about Faraaz Karim Chowdhury wife, it will be great to search on Google. You probably come to know about a lot of things quickly. If you belong to the Raozan area, most probably you already know about Faraaz Karim Chowdhury wife. 

Faraaz Karim Chowdhury Wife

Faraaz Karim Chowdhury Age

Faraaz Karim Chowdhury was born on 26th August 1992. So according to his birthdate, Faraaz Karim Chowdhury age is 28. Even though he did not cross his age of 30, he has gained a lot of success in his life. If you want to learn a good thing in your life, you can follow his activities. He recently tested COVID-19 positive during his social work of providing food and other supports to his local area hospitals, doctors, nurses, physicians, health workers, and many more. He is really a true inspiration for the youth of our country.

Faraaz Karim Chowdhury Mother

Faraaz Karim Chowdhury Mother
Faraaz Karim Chowdhury with his Mother & Grand Mother (R)

Faraaz Karim Chowdhury Mobile Number

Are you looking for the mobile number of Faraaz Karim Chowdhury? Then, we have good news for you. Faraaz Karim Chowdhury mobile number is +8801711963642.

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In the article of Faraaz Karim Chowdhury biography, we have provided information as much as we come to know from different sources. However, if you want to get a regular update on the activities of Faraaz Karim Chowdhury, you can follow him on Facebook or Instagram. Hopefully, you will come to know a lot about him.

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