National Senior Citizens Day in the USA, 21st August | Senior Citizens Day 2022

National Senior Citizens Day in the USA, 21st August | Happy Senior Citizens Day 2022. The number of elders is increasing in the world. Though the elders in the developed world are evaluated, the frustrations of the developing countries are increasing in the last lives.

On October 21st August every year, the United Nations celebrates International Senior Citizens Day in order to ensure a comfortable life and civil rights. This time the problem is the age discrimination. National Senior Citizens Day is an observance and not a public holiday in the US. National Senior Citizens Day recognizes contributions senior citizens make in communities across the United States.

Happy Senior Citizens Day

Happy Senior Citizens Day 2022

Since that time 1988, Member States have been observing the day since. Old age does not have the ability to function as a youth, it increases dependency. If you do not get what you want, you feel helpless.

So one of the challenges in human life is aging.

  • Asia-Pacific 60 years
  • In the advanced world, people over the age of 65 are regarded as elders.

Various events and activities are organized on Senior Citizens Day to raise awareness of supporting older people and recognizing their achievements. Some people raise awareness through social media and news stories, while others organize special community gatherings inviting senior citizens, their families, friends and volunteers. Some businesses give special discounts or deals to senior citizens on or around August 21.

celebrate National Senior Citizens Day

How to celebrate National Senior Citizens Day

Here are a few ways you too can celebrate National Senior Citizens Day:

  • Visit your family member or loved one. The simple presence of a friend or a hug from a family member can help raise cortisol levels and reduce stress. Even simple eye contact can help encourage feelings of connection.
  • Start a family history project. Interviewing senior loved ones about their memories and experiences gives them an opportunity to share wisdom and advice, and provides a unique chance to start collecting those old family stories and photos. Plus it’s a great conversation starter.
  • Make small talk. As noted above, researchers have found that even a brief interaction — a smile, a quick conversation — can cheer people up for the day.
  • Practice random acts of kindness. Visit community centers or drop in to an assisted living community for a chat. Bring a pack of cards. Sit and visit for awhile.
  • Truly, it is the little things that end up being the most valuable and often most memorable.

With the improvement of medical science and the reduction of maternal and infant mortality, the average life expectancy of people on earth has increased. However, the number of elders in Bangladesh has increased, but their dignity and security have not increased.

National Senior Citizens Day

National Senior Citizens Day 2022

Many of these seniors are still active and independent, with 28 percent of people over 65 still living on their own and 16.2 percent still maintaining jobs. However, it is important to realize that our seniors still have much to offer. As we move into the next few decades and beyond, this population segment will only grow in importance.

Such neglect of the elders falls on the modern social system. The senior citizen of 60 years of age and honored as a senior citizen, said the official.

-The number of seniors is increasing in Bangladesh

– Seniors are more neglected as citizens

-The elders do not have the opportunity to share the mind in the modern family

-The elderly have less opportunity to spend time

Happy World Senior Citizens Day 2022 Wishes

_We cannot imagine going through a day without asking for help from our seniors. Have an awareful World Senior Citizens Day!

_We are so grateful to our elders and we love them so much. Have a happy World Senior Citizens Day!

_I cannot imagine a world without the kind faces of the old people who are always ready to help a young soul. Have a very happy World Senior Citizens Day!

_The elders of society are always so helpful and kind and spending time with them makes my day. Have a wonderful World Senior Citizens Day.

_My grandparents are senior citizens and I cannot imagine my life without them. I love them so much and I want to wish them a very happy World Senior Citizens Day.

_My grandparents are my knowledge hubs and I am so grateful to them. Happy World Senior Citizens Day.

_This day reminds us to stand up for the rights of the senior citizens in our society. Have an awareful World Senior Citizens Day!

_There are many people who do not value our elders and we should not let that happen. Have an awareful World Senior Citizens Day!

World Senior Citizen Day Quotes 2022

International Senior Citizens Day reminds me to be on the side of the elders with respect and sympathy. Show your elderly loved one you really care with a party that’s all about them! Having a party in their honor makes them feel special and valuable and can do wonders for their self-esteem. Invite all of their friends and family. You can even turn it into a festival of sorts if you have several people you wish to honor. Prepare their favorite foods, play their favorite music, bake them a cake, and make the entire day about them.

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