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14 Best Tourist Spots in Bandarban to Travel and Enjoy

Want to enjoy the real beauty of Bangladesh? You have to go to Bandarban. It feels like it is the blessing of nature. If you go there, you will feel that you are in the lap of nature. And certainly, you will wish to go there again and again. But do you know all about the best tourist spots in Bandarban? If not, go on reading the article. You will learn which places you need to visit to suck the beauty of Bandarban.

Best Tourist Spots in Bandarban

As I told you, Bandarban is an incredible tourist spot to visit. There are so many places to visit in Bandarban. Before making a tour to Bandarban, let’s know all about that places in details best tourist spots in Bandarban which will help you to make your Bandarban Trip an outstanding one.

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Nilgiri Bandarban

Nilgiri and Thanchi

Once you are in Bandarban, there is no way of missing Nilgiri as this is the most beautiful tourist spot not only in Bandarban but also in Bangladesh. It is one of the tallest peaks of Bangladesh situated at Thanchi Thana in Bandarban.

Nilgiri is popular for its unbelievable beauty where you can touch the clouds and see them from moving here and there kissing your hair and cheeks. In the rainy season, you will find marvelous scenery here because it’s covered with the blanket of black and white cloud.

Thanchi Bandarban

The most attractive time to visit Nilgiri is the lunar month when you can enjoy an incredible moonlit night.  Another most beautiful moment to enjoy the beauty of nature is the dawn when the golden rays of the setting sun create an Aerial view over the greenery of Nilgiri.

When you want to stay at Nilgiri, there is a beautiful resort at the top of the peak which is operated by the army. To book a room in the resort, you have to confirm your reservation by an army officer.

Chimbuk Hill

Chimbuk Hill is the third highest hill in Bangladesh which is 2,500 feet high from the sea level.  This is another most popular tourist spot in Bandarban. On the way of Chimbuk Hill, you will find the attractive zigzag road through the world of greenery. You need to hire a zip to enjoy the most exciting zigzag ride.

On the way of Chimbuk hill, you will also find many tribal villages. The simple nature of the tribal people will attract you toward them. The unexplored experience of the tribal people will give you incredible happiness.

Chimbuk Hill Bandarban

When you will reach the top of the Chimbuk hill, you will feel like a flying bird that is swimming over the cloud. You can see the shadow of the clouds on a sunny day. To go there, you have to sign on the military check post.

Two government rest houses are also found there. To stay in the rest houses, you need to confirm your reservation by the authorities.

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Keokradong is the second highest peak in Bangladesh which you will find 36 km away from the Ruma Sadar Upzilla. It is situated on the border of Bangladesh and Myanmar. The height of Keokradong is 4,035 feet (1,230 meters) from the sea level.

Keokradong bandarban

This is the perfect place for adventurous people as there are so many small and big hills. Besides it is filled with the natural beauty and brimful with the deep forest, animals, and birds.


Nilachal is another tourist attraction which no tourist likes to miss as it is found near Bandarban city. Found at the height of 2000 feet from the sea level, you will get an awesome view of the whole city and landscape. There you will also find the clouds welcome you with an amazing view.

Nilachal Bandarban

নীলাচলের বাড়তি আকর্ষণ হল এখানকার রিসোর্ট। নাম নীলাচল স্কেপ রিসোর্ট । সাধারণ পর্যটকদের জন্য এ জায়গায় সূর্যাস্ত পর্যন্ত অনুমতি আছে। তবে রিসোর্টের অতিথিদের জন্য সর্বক্ষণই খোলা এ জায়গা।

Boga Lake

Boga Lake is a wonderful place which is 18 km away from Ruma Sadar Upzilla in Bandarban. It is especially popular because it’s a natural lake found in the peak of the mountain which is at the height about 3000 feet from the sea level. Once you are in Boga Lake, it will give you a marvelous and mind-blowing memory of your life.

Boga Lake, Bandarban

But remember in the rainy season, it is difficult to have a tour at Boga Lake as the road is not good enough. So, it’s better to enjoy the beauty of Boga Lake at winter when a campfire beside the Boga Lake will give you an awesome experience.

Golden Temple

The Buddha Dhatu Jadi which is popularly known as the golden temple is a Theravada Buddhist Temple. This is the largest Buddhist Temple in Bangladesh where you will get the second largest Buddha statue in Bangladesh.

Golden Temple, Bandarban
Shorno Mandir, Golden Temple, Bandarban

You will get the temple at Pulpara in Bandarban which is only 4 km away from Bandarban city. Also you can have a wonderful view of Bandarban city from the temple.


Meghla is also a wonderful tourist spot in Bandarban which you will find near Nilgiri. No tourist visiting Bandarban does like to miss visiting Meghla Parjatan.  There are many things to enjoy at Megla like mini-safari-park, a zoo, a boat journey, a hanging bridge and an artificial lake at the bottom of the hill.


Meghla Bandarban
Meghla Parjatan

মেঘলা পর্যটন কমপ্লেক্সে রাতে থাকার জন্য জেলা প্রশাসনের রেস্ট হাউজ ভাড়ায় পাওয়া যায়। মেঘলা রেস্ট হাউজের মোট ৪ টি কক্ষের প্রতিটির জন্য ২০০০ টাকা লাগে।

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Sangu River

Sangu River and Bandarban are synonymous as the river is flowing through the Bandarban hills. Since the river is flowing through the lap of nature, it’s amazing to enjoy boating in the river.

In winter, the stream becomes tranquil but during the rainy season, it becomes aggressive. So, whenever you are in Bandarban, you can’t help but be thrilled and amazed to behold the heavenly beauty of Sangu River.

Sangu River

The Sangu River is a river in Myanmar and Bangladesh. Its source is in the North Arakan Hills of Myanmar, located at 21°13´N 92°37´E. The Arakan Hills form the boundary between Arakan and the Chittagong Hill Tracts. It follows a northerly circuitous course in the hill tracts and then enters Bangladesh near Remarki, Thanchi Upazila, Bandarban District, from the east. It flows north through Thanchi, Rowangchhari and Bandarban Sadar Upazilas of Bandarban District.

Sangu River is the complete part of the natural beauty of Bandarban. It follows a northerly circuitous course in the hill tracts up to Bandarban.

Shoilo Propat

When you go for making a list of the most famous waterfall in Bangladesh, Shoilo Propat will be included. It is simply a gift of nature which will please you with its incredible beauty.

Shoilo Propat

Especially, its crystal clear water flow will make you puzzled. The fall becomes hefty in the rainy season. There you will also enjoy the tribal lifestyle as there is a tribal village near the fall. You can also find the exclusive handicrafts, handloom products, and food made by those tribal people. In a nutshell, the place will give you a feeling of rare peace.

Nafakhum Waterfall

You will be glad to know that Nafakhum is the longest waterfall in Bangladesh. So, when you are in Bandarban, you have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of this amazing fall. Situated at Remakri of Thanchi Upazila, it has already become a popular tourist destination, particularly to the young people.

Besides enjoying the incredible natural beauty, they get the thrill of trekking through the jig-jag of the hilly path. And I am sure once you go there, you would like to go there again and again.

Nafakhum Waterfall
Nafakhum Waterfall

Nafakhum is also known as Remakri waterfall. It is among the largest waterfalls in Bangladesh by volume of water falling. The wild hilly river Sangu suddenly falls down here about 25-30 feet. The word “Khum” in Marma language means “Waterfall”. A special type of flying fish, whose local name is nating, is found at the bottom in a small cave as they swim against the stream but cannot jump over the height of the fall.

Prantik Lake

Prantik Lake is another awesome place to travel which attracts the tourists at first sight. Found at 4 km away from the town in Holudia village close to Keranihat, this Lake is the best combination of nature wrapped by trees and plants to soothe your mind.

Prantik Lake Bandarban

There is no food and accommodation facility in near Prantik Lake. So you have to manage mineral water and food with your own arrangement. Tourists can stay whole day till evening. But in the evening you have to return in Bandarban.

Rijuk Waterfall

Those who are the lover of waterfalls don’t like to miss the beauty of Rijuk waterfall if they are in Bandarban. They keep it in their bucket list.

Rijuk Waterfall Bandarban

The waterfall gets the credit of an attractive tourist place as this is surrounded by various trees and woods offering a wild beauty. During the rainy season, it takes a terrific look of beauty becoming vigorous and gives you the best view of it falling from 300 feet high hill with a celestial sound.

Upabon Parjatan

Upabon Parjatan is a famous place to visit in Bandarban as there is a beautiful lake. There is also another hanging bridge which is bigger than the Meghla hanging bridge makes the lake more attractive. The forest surrounding the lake increases the beauty of  it which makes it famous for escaping from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Upabon Parjatan
Naikhongchari Upaban Porjoton Lake

Nikhongchari Upazilla is about 110 Kilometer far away from Bandarban Sadar. You can go there by a private vehicle from Bandarban sadar. Another way is if you are in Coxsbazar then at first go to Ramu upazilla of Coxsbazar by bus and then go to Naikhongchari sadar by Jeep/Chander Gari or Auto rickshaw.

Mirinja Parjatan

When you want to enjoy the great view of the Bay of Bengal from a high peak of Bandarban, you have to go to Mirinja Parjatan. And for this reason, it has also become a wonderful tourist spot in Bandarban.

From the height of 1500 feet of the sea level, you will have a wonderful view of the Bay of Bengal, Matamuhuri River, Maheshkhali Island and the whole Lama Upazila.

Mirinja Parjatan

There is a government owned rest house in that area. If you want stay there, you need proper authorization from the authority.

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Final Verdict

Hope you know all the details about Bandarban tourist spots after coming here. Now make a tour to Bandarban and enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of this hilly district.  With so many attractive tourist spots, Bandarban is an amazing place to visit. It will certainly entertain you to its fullest with its incredible beauty of nature. If you have any question about best tourist spots in Bandarban then comment bellow or message us throguh our Facebook Page.

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