Khulna to Kolkata Train Schedule, Time & Ticket Price 2024

Hi guys! Are you looking for Khulna to Kolkata Train Schedule as you are thinking to travel by train? Am I right? Cool down as I am here to help not only with the train schedule but also with the ticket price, booking process and place, immigration procedure and all about. So, go on reading the article top to bottom and get all the authentic information to make your preparation hassle free.

Khulna to Kolkata Train List

It’s my pleasure to let you know that Bandhan Express is now running between Khulna to Kolkata every Thursday. This is the 2nd train run between Bangladesh and India but only one from Khulna to Kolkata. The 1st one is Maitree Express runs between Dhaka to Kolkata.

Khulna to Kolkata Train Time Schedule

Bandhan Express starts its journey from Khulna Railway Station and ends the journey at Kolkata Railway Station. But, prior that it takes two interval stoppages. One at Benapole in Bangladesh part which is for 15 minutes and another one is at Petrapole in India part for 10 minutes.

The train provides it service on every Thursday. It begins its journey from Kolkata at 7.10 am and reaches Khulna at 12.00. And on the same day, Bandhan resumes its return journey from Khulna Railway Station at 1.20 pm and ends its return journey at 6.10 pm reaching Kolkata Station.

Bandhan Express Time Schedule at a Glance

 Days  Leaves From  Starting Time  First Break  Second Break  Destination  Reaching Time  Train No.
 Thursday  Kolkata Railway Station  7.10 am  Petrapole 9.5 am  Benapole (10.15 am)  Khulna  12 pm  3129
 Thursday  Khulna Railway Station  1.20 pm  Benapole (3.55 pm)  Petrapole (4.20 pm)  Kolkata  6.10 pm  3130

** Travel Time: 4.50 h

Dhaka to Kolkata Train Schedule

Khulna to Kolkata Train Ticket Price List

When you are traveling by Bandhan Express from Khulna to Kolkata, you will get two types of seat for booking. The first one is AC Chair Class and the 2nd one is First Class Cabin. The fare for each class is given below:

AC Chair class: 1, 500 Tk including vat and travel tax

First Class Cabin: 2,000 Tk including vat and travel tax

 Kolkata to Khulna Train Ticket Price List

But when you are traveling from Kolkata to Khulna, you have to get the ticket in Indian Rupee. Bandhan Express Ticket Price (Kolkata to Khulna) is given below:

AC Chair class: 310 Rs

AC Chair class Tatkal: 440 Rs

First Class Cabin: 1165 Rs

Where to buy the Khulna – Kolkata train ticket

Bandhan Express Ticket Booking is easy and simple. When you are traveling from Khulna to Kolkata, you can book your ticket from Khulna Railway Station and then Benapole Railway Station. Just you should carry your passport with Indian Visa and need to fill up a simple form. That’s all. Within short time, you will get your ticket.

But remember; don’t forget to book your ticket at least 5 to 6 days ago of your travel day. Otherwise, you can miss the ticket. If you like to book your ticket early more, you can do it as the ticket is available 30 days before the journey date.

Kolkata to Khulna Train Ticket Booking

But if you are traveling from Kolkata to Khulna and want to get the ticket, you can get it from Fairlie Place, Kolkata Railway Station, Dum Dum Station, Bangaon Station and Petrapole Station. Here the ticket booking system is same. You need to carry your passport with a valid visa. Filling up a form, you can easily get your ticket on the expected date.

Immigration and Customs Formalities

As you are traveling by Bandhan Express, you need to complete your immigration and customs procedures. When you are traveling from Khulna to Kolkata, first you have to complete your immigration and customs formalities at Benapole Port in Bangladesh. After completing the scanning of your bags and baggage, you need to fill up a simple form and submit your passports and train ticket before immigration and customs desk. The rest will be done by immigration and customs officers.

Then after reaching Kolkata Railway Station, you have to complete the same procedure of immigration and customs for the Indian part. And at your return journey from Kolkata, you need to do the same.

Catering service of Bandhan Express

Catering service is available in Bandhan Express. You can enjoy any food and soft drinks. But you have to get it at your own cost. Only you need to order the caterers. Nothing else.

Last word

Now you know all about Khulna to Kolkata Train Schedule and everything with the journey after reading the article. Am I right? So, enjoy your Khulna to Kolkata Train Journey. If you need to know more, you can message use.

We will be happy to help you. Bye…Bye…!

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