Banalata Express Train Schedule Dhaka to Rajshahi

Banalata Express Train Schedule Dhaka to Rajshahi. The Banalata Express is a newly launched train that has started its service on Rajshahi to Dhaka route. This is undoubtedly a great blessing for the people of Rajshahi. This train will provide the nonstop service to Dhaka to Rajshahi route. As a result, it would be possible to travel from Dhaka to Rajshahi for only within 5 hours.

Earlier it took about 7/8 hours to travel on that route. There is a great interest among all regarding this newly launched train. So we have come up with the Banalata Express train time schedule, ticket price, and ticket booking system. So let us now know all the details of the Banalata Express.

Banalata Express Route

The Banalata Express train will start its journey from Kamalapur, Dhaka, and travel to the airport, Joydevpur, Tangail, Sirajgonj, Pabna and Ishwardi route to Rajshahi. To imagine this huge route is difficult for many. Therefore, we have provided the route of this Banalata Express train marking in the map. So take a look at the route of this train through which it goes to Rajshahi.

Dhaka to Rajshahi train Route

Banalata Express Train Schedule

Banalata express train has two schedules a day. Departing from Dhaka, it returns to Dhaka again. So people from both ends of Dhaka and Rajshahi can get access to this nonstop train every day. This will save a lot of time for people. This is because it is a nonstop train and takes less than 2 hours than that of the earlier train. Apart from this, the people of Rajshahi region are getting frequent trains due to joining a new train on Rajshahi route. Check Bangladesh Railway Train Schedule.

Banalata Express Time Table

Everyone is very interested in this newly launched train. Many want to know the time table especially, when does it depart the station. We will not disappoint you too regarding this. We would now provide the detailed time table of Banalata Express.

Our time table will include the information of when this train departs from Dhaka to Rajshahi, when it reaches Rajshahi, when it departs from Rajshahi to Dhaka and when it reaches Dhaka. This time schedule is collected from the official source. So it’s 100% accurate. Take a look at the Banalata Express train time table.

Banalata Express Time Table

Depart from Dhaka Arrive at Rajshahi Off Day
01:30 pm 06:10 pm Friday
Depart from Rajshahi Arrive at Dhaka Off Day
07:00 am 11:40 am Friday

Dhaka to Rajshahi Train Schedule

Banalata Express Ticket Price

There has been a lot of discussions, criticisms for the newly launched Banalata Express ticket price. This is because the price of the food has been included in the price of the ticket. So the ticket price of different classes of seats in Banalata Express is mentioned below separately.

Banalata Express
Class Seat Fare
Shovon Chair 525 TK.
Snigdha 875 TK.

How to Collect Ticket?

You can collect the ticket of Banalata Express in many ways. Does not matter how do you collect your ticket; you must make sure your seat just a few days before the journey. That is because there will be a lot of pressure on the nonstop train naturally.

The ways by which you can collect Banalata Express train tickets are mentioned below.

  • From the counter
  • From railway websites online
  • Dialing the USSD code from the mobile operator.

Subarna Express Train Schedule

How to Book Banalata Express Ticket Online?

If you want, you can book Banalata Express train tickets online. And it is a lot easier to do. How to book Banalata Express train tickets online is mentioned below one by one.

  • Visit this site first-
  • After signing in, click on the ‘Purchase ticket’ from the menu above.
  • Then select your destination station, starting station, date and seat class, and after that click on the ‘search train’.
  • The schedule for full Rajshahi route will come. Select there the number of the seat of Banalata Express train. Then click on the ‘auto selection’.
  • Then you will be asked for payment related information. Finally, confirm your tickets by making your payment through rocket or card and then you will get a confirmation email.

To understand the online ticket booking system more clearly, you can have a look at our another tutorial on Railway Online Ticket Booking SystemBesides, you can also learn How To Book Tickets From Mobile SMS.

The Last Word

Through the launching of Banalata Express, people of Rajshahi got a nonstop train service. Because of which people can go to Dhaka from Rajshahi within less than 5 hours. The ticket price is a little higher though but it will not be that much burden as it can reach people to the destination quickly. And the Banalata Express train is a very sophisticated train.

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