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Saint Martin Tour : Resort, Ship Ticket Price [Full Guide]

When is your next Saint Martin tour? What about your preparation? Do you have enough ideas to manage a great Saint Martin tour with all the details? Do you know which hotel or resort in Saint Martin is the best to stay in and enjoy the unreal view from your room?

Do you know about the trips of the ships bound to Saint Martin? Do you have a clear idea about Saint Martin tour ship fare? If the answer is no, we suggest you stick to the Saint Martin tour guide where we will be discussing even the smallest details.

This will reduce your hassle to manage the tour and allow you to enjoy Saint Martin tour full of serenity and peace. Let’s not waste any more time here and directly get into the topic.

Saint Martin Hotel

Those who have visited Saint Martin already must accept that it is a great place to be. Far apart from the crowd and pollution of the city, Saint Martin island is one of the most popular tourist spots in Bangladesh.

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Once you reach there, you will need hotels or resorts to stay in and enjoy the heavenly beauty of the only coral island of Bangladesh. Here will be a list of some of the best hotels on Saint Martin island to make your journey memorable.

  • Hotel Abakash

Hotel Abakash is run by Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation to serve the tourists with authentic food and hospitality of Saint Martin island.

  • Hotel Saint Martin

It has over 70 rooms and private suites where you can leverage the maximum of your Saint Martin Tour. You will also get café, bar, and other facilities to enjoy during your accommodation here.

  • Fantasy Hotel & Resort

Another great hotel in Saint Martin island is Fantasy Hotel & Resort where you can find the tranquility you are looking for. This place will amaze you in a way that you never thought.

Saint Martin Resort

If hotels are not the perfect fit for you and you want to stay much closer to the sea and feel the waves in your pulse, better find a resort that gives the opportunity. For your convenience, we are here to suggest to you a list of resorts on Saint Martin island. Here you go.

  • Neel Digante Resort

Like its name says, you are going to have an extraordinary view of the blue water and horizon from this resort which is located on the western beach of Saint Martin island. Room price starts from 2500 BDT here but you can go further according to your choice and affordability.

  • Coral Blue Resort

This is one of the most popular resorts on Saint Martin island which offers a great view of the surrounding directly from your rooms. You can either rent a room or eco-friendly tents to spend your night under the hug of the open sky.

The sea will roar close to you and the stars will shine to take your mind somewhere else.

  • Blue Marine Resort

This posh resort stands out of the crowd and allows you to spend your Saint Martin days in serenity. It is kind of costly but if you decide to emphasize the beauty of your Saint Martin tour, you will not be bothered about the cost.

Blue Marine resort offers a wide variety of rooms to choose from and the rent changes accordingly.

  • Shayari Eco Resort

Among the most affordable resorts in Saint Martin island, Shayari Eco Resort is very popular among solo and group travelers for its scenic beauty. It offers great service at a competitive price which can be very helpful if you are tight on your budget.

Saint Martin Ship Ticket Price

Much before you land on the Saint Martin islands, you will need to know the ticket price of ships to Saint Martin to book. Here is the detailed ticket price for the Saint Martin tour. Hope it helps.

Keari Sinbad

  • Main Deck – 550 BDT
  • Open Deck – 700 BDT
  • Bridge Deck – 800 BDT

Keari Cruise & Dine (Air Conditioned)

  • Pearl Lounge – 1400 BDT
  • Coral Lounge – 1000 BDT
  • Exclusive Lounge – 1000 BDT

Bay Cruiser – 1 (Catamaran)

  • Rajanigondha (Green Zone) – 1200 BDT
  • Hasnahena (Blue Zone) – 1300 BDT
  • Krishnochura (Red Zone) – 1500 BDT

LCT Kutubdia

  • Economy Deck – 550 BDT
  • Open Deck – 700 BDT
  • Royal Lounge (AC) – 900 BDT
  • Luxury Lounge (AC) – 1200 BDT

Cox Bazar to Saint Martin Ship

To go to Saint Martin islands, you need to get on board the ship before 9.30 am as ships depart from Teknaf at 9.30 am to Saint Martin islands which take about 2.30 to 3 hours to reach. The return trip from Saint Martin islands is scheduled at 3.00 pm and comes back to Teknaf at around 5.30 pm.

Final Words

You might have found all the necessary details about the Saint Martin tour. So, why are you waiting? Book your tickets, pack your bags, and step ahead to make a memory that lasts.

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