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21st February is the great International Language Day. We have got the right to speak in our mother tongue in exchange for a lot of sacrifices and deprivations. The Bengali language has been recognized as the national official language for the 21st February. We are the only one who sacrificed blood for the language.

Many of the new generations do not know the history of language day. Today we will tell you the history and traditions of our International Mother Language Day. Let’s know all the details of the 21st February International Mother Language Day.

21st February

History of 21st February

The history of 21st February is very ancient. We have got today’s international mother language through several incidents. All the history of language day, starting from 1952 to until the recognition of the day is presented below one by one.

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27th January 1952: The governor of Pakistan, General Khawaja Nazimuddin in the visit to Dhaka announced in the rally of the Paltan Maidan that Urdu will be the only state language of Pakistan. At the same time, there was a strong reaction to the gathering. The slogan started “Rastro vasha Bangla chai”. This statement made a strong reaction to entire East Pakistan.

18th February 1952: Pakistan Government imposed Section 144 on the general strike called on 21st February and the adjoining areas of the Dhaka University and banned all rallies and meetings.

21st February BD

21st February 1952

9:00 am in the morning: Many students started to gather beside the Dhaka Medical College Gate (then it was under Dhaka University) near the gymnasium field of Dhaka University.

11:00 am in the morning: The students’ rally started in the presence of Kazi Golam Mahbub, Oli Ahad, Abdul Matin, Gaziul Haque, and others. There was a disagreement in the rally between the student leaders and the present political leaders regarding 144 violations. Some teachers went to the rally venue led by Dhaka University Vice-Chancellor Dr. S M Hussein and requested the students not to violate Section 144. See National Mourning Day details.

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From 12:01 pm to 3:00 pm: Among the present student leaders, Abdul Matin and Gaziul Haque opined for Section 144 violation, but most of the leaders failed to make a specific announcement in this regard. In this situation, the general students took the decision to violate section 144 and proceed with the procession to go to the East Bengal Legislative Council (currently under the Jagannath Hall of Dhaka University).

At this time, the police started baton charge and firing bullets. In the firing, three youths died on the spot instantly named Abul Barkat (Student of DU, Masters in Political Science), Rafique Uddin and Abdul Jabbar. Later, Abdus Salam, who was working in the Secretariat, died in hospital. A 9-year-old boy named Auhiullah also died in police firing. Clashes continued with the police for 3 hours long, but police failed to dislodge students after firing.

Ekushey February

At 4:00 pm: After spreading the news of police firing on the students, thousands of general public were started to gather in front of Dhaka Medical College. When the news of firing reached the Legislative Council, six legislators of East Bengal under the leadership of Dhirendranath Dutta adjourned the meeting of the law council and requested Chief Minister Nurul Amin to visit the injured students in Dhaka Medical College.

A member of the ruling party, Abdur Rashid Tarkabagish too raised his voice in support of the proposal but Nurul Amin ordered the session of the Legislative Assembly to be continued and ignored all the demands. Members of East Bengal walk out of the council in response to this. At night, the university leaders took initiative and distributed leaflets in every Mosque and club of Dhaka city asking everyone to come and gather again at Dhaka University in the next day morning.

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Recognition as an International Mother Language Day

The day was 17th November 1999. There was running the 30th session of UNESCO in Paris, the capital of France. At that session in UNESCO, a proposal of a declaration of celebrating the 21st February as the International Mother Language Day was passed. As a result, 21st February got recognition to all the language speakers of the world as a significant day. Bangla language achieved a special status in the world.

In the very next year, from 21st February 2000, this day is being observed as International Mother Language Day in 188 countries of the world.

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International Mother Language Day is a great achievement for us. The issue of our sacrifice for language was recognized internationally. So on this day, we greet each other on the occasion of the Language Day. We have come up with all the nice images collections so that you can easily wish your loved ones with those sweet images on the language day. Download our images and wish all. Take a look at our image collection at a glance.

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International Mother Language Day Activities

The national flag on the observance of the day is kept hoisting at half-mast everywhere. People erect a Shaheed Minar and put flower garlands on the altar of the Shaheed Minar as a mark of respect and remembrance. They also hold a condolence meeting before it. They make speeches, offer fateha for the salvation of the language martyrs of 1952. BTV and Bangladesh Betar put up special programs People bring out a Provat Fery in the morning with a patriotic song in a chorus- Amar Bhayer Raktey Rangano Ekushey February.” The chief of the country puts garland at the feet (altar) of the Central Shaheed Minar at 12 midnight paying a rich homage to the mother tongue and the language martyrs as

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In today’s world, Bengali is spoken majorly in the country of Bangladesh and in the states of West Bengal, Tripura and Assam in India. Bangladesh is the only country which uses Bengali as the official language. With approximately 250–300 million total speakers worldwide (information collected from Wikipedia – as per present date) Bengali is usually counted as the sixth most spoken native language in the world by population. Now Bengali speaking people are not living only in Bangladesh or in the mentioned parts of the world but many are living almost in every part of the world. Their close friends and neighbors have loved and embraced this beautiful language and now with great pride we can say that many English or different speaking people have come forward to learn Bengali Language. It is not that they are giving up their native language but they just want to simply learn this beautiful and incredible language with phonemic inventory of standard Bengali consists of 29 consonants and 7 vowels, as well as 7 nasalized vowels. Isn’t it great!

Final Verdict

21st February International Mother Language Day is a very important day. On that day, if Salam, Barkat, and others did not sacrifice blood, we may have to speak in Urdu today. So remember them with respect. We wish great Language Day for everyone.

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